• WCRA Inaugural One-Day Major Rodeo

    Team Roping WCRA champions are Garrett Tonozzi and Joe Mattern. Presenting are Sean Gleason (PBR CEO) and Gary McKinney (WCRA CEO). Photo by Bull Stock Media.  Click photo for full story...

  • WSTR Qualifier Held In Chowchilla

    #15 WSTR winners in Chowchilla were Tanner Kent and Chris Wooten; #14 WSTR, Landon Gill and Frank Perez; and #13 WSTR winners were CR Wilken and Brinan Varian. Click photo for full story...

  • $58,000 Payout At New Year's Casino Barrel Race

    Stormi Pitman aboard Royal Fancy Injun was the winner of the Futurity championship, and Lacey Lockard riding Shameless Fame was the winner of the Open Average at the New Year's Casino Barrel Race in Corning, Calif. Click photo for full story.

  • Snow & Thorp Capture Sandhills Title

    Wesley Thorp heeled for Cody Snow to win the Sandhills Invitational Open Roping. (Dudley Barker Photo) Click photo for full story...

LAS VEGAS, NV – The Priefert World Series of Team Roping concluded its 12th annual record-breaking event on December 17, 2017. The World Series Grand Finale, held at the South Point Hotel and Casino Equestrian & Events Center in Las Vegas, has changed the face of team roping and continues to create a storm of interest in the sport. Record crowds watched as this year’s Finale broke the record yet again with a total payout of $11,028,000 in cash and a large prizeline. An additional $1,286,080 in prize money was paid in two super qualifiers in the main arena, and the daily qualification events held at the outside arena, to bring the week take for ropers to $12,314,000. 

This year’s WSTR Finale brought over 3,900 contestants to Las Vegas, the direct result of over 100,000 teams competing in 140 sanctioned events during the year in the United States, Canada, Australia, France, Italy, Mexico, Brazil and the Czech Republic competing for over $34 million is payouts. In the last 12 years, WSTR has awarded over $70 million to Las Vegas Finale contestants.

RIDE-TV will air six one-hour telecasts of the short rounds to be telecast on DISH TV this spring. The sport of team roping boasts the largest economical component of the recreational horse world, producing over $65,000,000 in purses each year. Excluding horse racing, the combined purses of the various team roping associations surpass all other horse events combined. The World Series of Team Roping Finale is the richest, and most prestigious event to showcase the sport. The event will return to the South Point Hotel & Casino, December 9, 2018. 

#15 WSTR Finale XII

Total Purse: $850,000

Tyler Bach, Mount Vernon, TX, and Allen Bach, Mount Vernon, TX. First place earnings: $158,000; winning time: 28.12 on four steers

With a crack of the chute gate on Sunday, Dec. 10, the 2017 WSTR Finale came to life with the only Finale that did not reach a payoff of $1 million. There was an electric charge throughout South Point Arena sparked by a full house as the field of ropers in the #15 set the pace in Las Vegas. After two rotations, the top twenty teams were welcomed back into the main arena for the short round. When the dust settled, the team of Tyler and Allen Bach moved from the third high call position to win the event. Their four head total of 28.12 came after a quick short round run of 7.06. “It was a different kind of pressure,” said 4-time PRCA World Champion Allen Bach. “I am super happy for Tyler. He has never had this type of chance to win big. It was great – It was finally our time.” Tyler roped the horns solid throughout the day’s event and added, “I’ve won quite a bit, but this is so good. It was a blessing from God.” The father and son duo won $158,000 in cash along with the first place prize line.

Average: 1. Tyler Bach and Allen Bach, 28.12, $158,000. 2. Brenten Hall and Rance Doyal, 28.42, $122,000. 3. TJ McCauley and Bill Finks, 28.57, $86,000. 4. Brock L. Demaree and Jace Harris, 28.65, $66,000. 5. TyDaniel Haller and Clay Burnham, 28.94, $58,000. 6. Cailee Hall and Wyatt Cox, 29.36, $50,000. 7. Shawn Darnall and Clayton VanAken, 29.4, $42,000. 8. Tel Trammell and Lee Walker, 29.43, $36,000. 9. Joe Hub Baker and Jake Cobb, 29.74, $29,000. 10. Casey Hicks and Cale Markham, 29.93, $29,000. 11. Glen Crane and Tyler Worley, 30.65, $22,000. 12. Tay Siggins and Brandon Bates, 30.68, $22,000. 13. Justin D. Yost and Brooks Dahozy, 31.62, $6,000. 14. Philip Schuman and Riley Pedro, 32.11, $6,000. 15. Cooper White and Tucker White, 34.77, $6,000. 16. Sam Livingston and Shawn Howell, 36.23, $6,000. 17. Jesse Sheffield and Travis Bounds, 22 on 3, $6,000. 18. Bobby Boyd and Casey Chamberlain, 22.42 on 3, $6,000. 19. Jack Fischer and Robert John Wayne Murphy, 23.19 on 3, $6,000. 20. Caleb Matott and Shay Carroll, 23.78, $6,000.

#14 WSTR Finale

Average: 1. Dustin Rogers and Jordan Allyn, 28.83, $33,250. 2. Pedro Egurrola and Levi Gallego, 29.38, $25,900. 3. Wayne McClure and Daniel Barton, 29.41, $18,290. 4/5. Billy Bob Brown and Brady Kyle; Anthony Williams and Scot Brown, 29.49, $12,950. 6. Craig Dane and Phil Readwell, 29.76, $10,670. 7. Micah Smith and Seth Smithson, 29.79, $9,140. 8. Clint Sorrell and Devon Johnson, 30.0, $7,620. 9. Arnold Felts and Blaine Vick, 30.16, $6,100. 10. Zane Bruce and Chris Littlefield, 30.16, $6,100. 11. Philip Shuman and Jake Poppe, 30.32, $4,580. 12. Bobby Mote and Justin Watts, 30.64, $4,580. 13. Dale K. Benevides and Corban Livingston, 30.68, $2,000. 14. John English and Cash Duty, 30.93, $2,000.

#13 WSTR Finale XII

Total Purse: $1,431,000

Daren Sims, Fountain, FL, and Spunk Sasser, San Antonio, FL. First place earnings: $238,000; winning time: 31.19 on four steers

Monday kicked off the short round of the #13 Yeti WSTR Finale filled with a tough field of ropers from all across the country. The event witnessed a history-making short round as Daren Sims and Spunk Sasser from Florida won the roping from the 17th call back position to earn a payday worth $238,000 in cash. “This is the cake,” said Daren just after winning the event. “I am so blessed to have a good partner and good friends who have helped me along the way.” Sims made a quick head catch in the short round and Spunk cleaned them up like he has done throughout the Southeast for many years. They stopped the clock in 6.12 seconds in the final round to give them a total of 31.19 on four head. “Daren and I have been friends forever and I think we will be even tighter now. This is something we will never forget,” added Spunk who had tears in his eyes when talking about how he had roped for so many years with the help and encouragement of his father who had recently passed. “My dad passed away September 28, but I know he was rooting for me today!”

Average: 1. Daren Sims and Spunk Sasser, 31.19, $238,000. 2. Mikey Fletcher and JB Ireland, 31.45, $178,000. 3. Justin Hammond and Josh Debord, 31.6, $129,000. 4. Luke Kelley and Jesse Jolly, 31.64, $110,000. 5. Jeff Davis and Tim Gonzales, 31.96, $90,000. 6. Mike Row and James David Watson, 32.1, $70,000. 7. Cody Watson and Ryan Mayfield, 32.13, $60,000. 8. Lincoln Lewis and Daniel Reed, 32.31, $50,000. 9. Bradley Ammons and Derrick Davis, 32.39, $40,000. 10/11. Denton K. Halford and Blaine Bennetch; Justin Crist and Austin Crist, 32.58, $25,000. 12. Kodi Riddle and Shawn Gray, 33.0, $18,000. 13. Tim W. Fuller and Casey Fuller, 33.58, $16,000. 14. Jake Stephenson and Cooper Hogg, 34.04, $14,000. 15. JC York and Kal Jepson, 34.08, $12,000. 16. George Aros and Bobby Flores, 34.12, $11,800. 17. Lyman Tenney and Jayson Jonovich, 34.16, $11,600. 18. Jaden Smith and Garrett Thurston, 34.19, $11,400. 19. Randy C. Brooks and Olin Pulham, 34.26, $11,200. 20. Justin D. Hall and Hoot Williams, 34.41, $11,000.

#12 WSTR Finale XII

Total Purse: $1,730,000

Scott Smith, Wray, CO and Garrett Nokes, McCook, NE. First place earnings: $290,000; winning time: 30.82 seconds on four steers.

With three steers roped in their rotation of the #12 Ariat WSTR Finale on Tuesday, the team of Scott Smith and Garrett Nokes were the high call team back in the short round. With one final catch of 8.56 seconds in the short round, they emerged as the champions of the roping and placed another milestone on a great friendship. “We have known each other for close to 40 years,” said Garrett who is the Mid-Plains Rodeo Coach in McCook, Nebraska and also a former NFR Steer Wrestling contestant. “It is great to win something with an old friend. It makes it much sweeter.” Header, Scott Smith works in the oil field industry and couldn’t remember a time he did not have a rope in his hand. He added, “I’ve been roping all my life. My wife and I actually got married at a team roping in 1990 and winning this kind of money, well, I’ll be comfortable for a while.” The day was filled with great accomplishments from the top 44 ropers invited back into the short round. Every roper who made the cut into the short round won some of the overall cash payout that exceeded $1.7-million dollars.

Average: 1. Scott Smith and Garrett Nokes, 30.82, $290,000. 2. Jeff Veazey and Trevor Peterson, 31.19, $217,000. 3. Jay Pixley and Coy Thompson, 31.63, $156,000. 4. Daniel McLamb and Michael Tash, 31.93, $133,000. 5. Molly Hepper and Gary Hepper, 32.14, $109,000. 6. Jason Erickson and Jed Erickson, 32.44, $84,000. 7. Enoch Malouff and Lowell Neshem, 32.62, $72,000. 8. Tripp Townsend and Randy Knight, 32.65, $60,000. 9. Kree Kelley and Joe Hughes, 33.09, $48,000. 10. Levi Silva and Garrett Hendrix, 33.14, $36,000. 11. Haley Middleton and Rene Cervantes, 33.26, $20,000. 12. Mike Row and Darin Kirkes, 33.28, $18,000. 13. Josh Johnson and Kent Haley, 33.46, $16,000. 14. Brady Black and Jake Telford, 33.53, $14,000. 15. Gary Lauridsen and Dustin Bowling, 33.69, $12,000. 16. Ralph Carter and Wayne Carter, 33.78, $11,800. 17. Wayne Churchill and Leon Ely, 34.14, $11,600. 18. Beverly Robbins and Guy Graden, 34.24, $11,400. 19. Derrick Bell and Craig Stevens, 34.45, $11,200. 20. Jim Bob Weil and Jorge Cruz, 34.71, $11,000.

#11 WSTR Finale XII

Total Purse: $1,814,000

Brady Alexander, Queen Creek, AZ and Joel Wengert, Casa Grande, AZ. First place earnings: $309,000; winning time: 31.80 on four steers

Wednesday afternoon the 2017 WSTR Finale in Las Vegas welcomed the top 44 teams back into the main coliseum at South Point to see how things would shake out. From the third call position, the team of Brady Alexander from Queen Creek, AZ and Joel Wengert from Casa Grande, AZ made a run that would eventually lead them to the championship. “This is my first trip to the Finale,” said 22-year-old Brady who with his father owns an auto transport company in Queen Creek. “I think I was more nervous on my first one than the short round steer.” His partner, Joel who is a popular farrier in Casa Grande, AZ and also a Legacy WSTR Finale roper said, “I knew we did our part when we caught him and we were gonna win big, just had to wait for the last two teams to see how big.” Brady and Joel have roped together for a long time and were excited about the life changing money they earned. They each had plans of putting the money to good use when they got back to Arizona.

Average: 1. Brady C. Alexander and Joe Wengert, 31.8, $309,000. 2. Jeff Williams and Shawn Luman, 32.48, $232,000. 3. Nora Hunt-Lee and Brady Black, 33.3, $167,000. 4. Wes Leavitt and Dustin Leavitt, 33.32, $142,000. 5. Kyle Lincoln and Ariel Zambrano, 33.68, $116,000. 6. Victor Garcia and Luis Guerra, 34.34, $90,000. 7. Bryce Smith and Brett Smith, 34.42, $75,000. 8. Colton Shelton and Bo Crutchfield, 34.43, $66,000. 9. Jose Ortega and Joel Hernandez, 34.71, $52,000. 10. Regina Blain and Tom McClure, 34.75, $40,000. 11. James David Watson and Matt Martin, 35.05, $20,000. 12. Marty Lindner and Blaine Matthews, 35.38, $18,000. 13. Bucky Nastri and Guy Graden, 35.52, $16,000. 14. Kyle Moos and Nick F. Wilkinson, 35.77, $14,000. 15. Billy Reagan and Jake Orman, 35.98, $12,000. 16. Justin Webb and David Miller, 35.99, $11,800. 17. JoAnn Merritt and Nick Nichols, 36.17, $11,600. 18. Tammy Ellerman and Zane Williams, 36.18, $11,400. 19. Roger Verquer and Preston Chamberlain, 36.51, $11,200. 20. Dalton Curley and Ben Dukes, 36.64, $11,000.

#10 Yeti WSTR Finale XII. Total Purse: $2,098,000

Will Jones, Mertzon, TX, and Erick Alvarado, Midland, TX. First place earnings: $362,000; winning time: 30.99 on four steers

There was no denying the tension was extreme in the #10 Yeti WSTR Finale on Thursday. With $2,098,000 on the line, the largest single roping payout to date of the WSTR Finale, history would be made! That history belongs to the team of Will Jones and Erick Alvarado who seemed calm as they backed into the box of the short round in the high call back position and made a smooth run to secure the championship. They earned $362,000, as well as the first place prize line. “I was nervous,” admitted Erick just after the roping ended. “I was so late leaving the box and all I could do was concentrate on trying to catch up.” Catch up he did, gathering two heels on the back side to stop the clock in 8.22 seconds. “I had placed here in the top 10, two other times and knew we just had to get ‘em down,” added Will who placed 9th last year with traveling buddy Chance Bownds who actually won second place in the number #10 Finale. Will and Erick qualified for this year’s event in Levelland, TX where they were introduced by a fellow roper and roped together for the first time in August. They won that roping which was the only other time they had roped together prior to this year’s Finale! 

Average: 1. Will Jones and Erick Alvarado, 30.99, $362,000. 2. Ben Kelley and Chance Bownds, 31.98, $272,000. 3. Michael Nash and Shane Anthony, 33.1, $196,000. 4. John Thompson and Preston Chamberlain, 33.89, $166,000. 5. Jessy Bailey and Clay Young, 34.85, $136,000. 6. Raymond Havens and Dennis Johnson, 35.03, $105,000. 7. Clayton Eggers and Michael Tash, 35.85, $90,000. 8. Jacob Huserik and Brian Arave, 35.98, $75,000. 9. Dane Trumbull and Seth Schafer, 36.0, $60,000. 10. Kelly W. Cheatham and Jason Perkins, 36.04, $45,000. 11. Jake Evans and Shawn Carter, 36.09, $20,000. 12. Josiah Sirrine and Shawn K. Palmer, 36.21, $18,000. 13. Chase Wardlaw and Perry McCance, 36.23, $16,000. 14. Ricky Hrbacek and Jimmy Paul Hrbacek, 36.61, $14,000. 15. Vince Kieffer and Troy Judd, 36.83, $12,000. 16. Cody Edinger and Travis Anderson, 36.88, $11,800. 17. Travis Regensberg and Charles Muncy, 36.92, $11,600. 18. Bill Stuart and Lou Stuart, 37.45, $11,400. 19. Ray Theobald and Wayne Spiers, 37.72, $11,200. 20. Jeff Jasper and Jess Harris, 38.04, $11,000.

#9 WSTR Finale XII. Total Purse: $1,954,000

Tim Jarriel, Collins, GA, and Matt Jarriel, Collins, GA. First place earnings: $334,000; winning time: 35.75 on four steers

Friday was a day full of rotations in the #9 WSTR Finale and with over 500 teams, one rotation in the roping concluded on Saturday morning. The high call team of Tim Jarriel and his nephew Matt Jarriel backed into the box in the high call position and after a solid run earned the second largest paycheck of the Finale week. “I was nervous the whole time waiting to rope,” said Tim who plans to talk to his family and see how much of his winnings they should donate to a few missionaries they support. “I prayed while waiting and the Lord calmed me down. When I backed into the box I knew he had put me in this spot for a reason.” Matt agreed that the most nervous part was waiting, but added, “I enjoy the bright lights and loud music and knew I just had to trust my experience.” Being from Georgia the question arises just how much of a commitment it is to go to Vegas to rope. Matt answered that with a few simple words. “I would tell everyone if you have the opportunity, take it. Go ahead and get to Vegas if you qualify. It is a once in a lifetime experience. It’s Vegas! The pros are all here and you get to wave to the crowd just like they do.” The #9 WSTR Finale claimed its share of the spotlight as the second largest roping of the week. The #9 roping increased by 25% from 2016 to 2017 and organizers are predicting this will be the second two million dollar event in 2018.

Average: 1. Tim Jarriel and Matt Jarriel, 35.75, $334,000. 2. Randy Anderson and Kyle D. Murdoch, 35.97, $251,000. 3. Mark Foley and Margaret Foley, 37.03, $181,000. 4. Steve Marcrum and Dustin J. Navarro, 38.49, $153,000. 5. Will Murrah and Levi Babb, 39.5, $125,000. 6. Jeff Bourquin and Braden Blau, 39.89, $98,000. 7. Blake Pacheco and Jim Petersen, 40.4, $84,000. 8. David Whitlock and Brice McGehee, 41.14, $70,000. 9. Shayne Ohotto and Terry Lindner, 41.21, $55,000. 10. Courtney Myers and Mitch Copps, 41.87, $42,000. 11. Christy Lee and Jared M. Stevens, 42.05, $20,000. 12. Wade Parker and Paul Lovejoy, 42.1, $18,000. 13. Josh Shippy and Marco Rodriguez, 42.69, $16,000. 14. Tom Stamper and Brittany Stamper, 42.83, $14,000. 15. Casey Lee and TJ Taylor, 43.25, $12,000. 16. Jon Comfort and Brandon Steiner, 43.65, $11,800. 17. Rob Hawkins and Chancy Slaugh, 44.4, $11,600. 18. Ricky Creekmore and LT Worley, 44.5, $11,400. 19. Mary Vermedahl and Walt Vermedahl, 44.66, $11,200. 20. Brandi Hines and Jay Hipp, 44.7, $11,000.

#8 WSTR Finale XII

Total Purse: $1,151,000

Sam Lunceford, Salem, UT and Brett Barrow, Vernal, UT. First place earnings: $202,000; winning time: 41.18 seconds on four

What a difference a year makes! The #8 Finale grew by nearly 33% from last year and a healthy crowd came to watch the curtain closer. Every team that made the cut into the short round was guaranteed money; just how much money would be determined after their final steer. There were several teams who made solid runs in the short round to push to the top of the leader board, including the 5th high call team of Sam Lunceford and Brett Barrow. They roped their final steer in 9.28 seconds to over-take the lead of the roping with a four head total of 41.18 seconds. Their time held through the last four teams giving them the championship of the roping. The winning team had a great story to tell soon after the roping. “We placed here last year and split $68,000,” explained Sam who had borrowed his son’s head horse for the event. “Yea, I really didn’t think it could get better than last year,” added Brett who rode a horse he actually was given. “But here we are.” The friends from Utah have roped together for several years and were extremely grateful for the chance to compete.

Average: 1. Sam Lunceford and Brett Barrow, 41.18, $202,000. 2. Tabitha Harris and John L. Phillips, 41.3, $152,000. 3. Matt Clark and Clint Child, 41.67, $110,000. 4. Lloyd Yelverton and Isaac Serna, 43.5, $92,000. 5. Greg Graden and Keith Cooner, 43.87, $76,000. 6. Clint Hodgins and Eric Matson, 44.18, $60,000. 7. Kaulike Rice and Redgie Probst, 44.46, $5,000. 8. Walter Scott and Brad Moody 46.44, $42,000. 9. Joe Thompson and John Hudson, 46.96, $34,000. 10. David Egleston and Andy James, 48.01, $25,000. 11. Don Campbell and Tim Zigrang, 48.31, $20,000. 12. Audra Gudgell and Mikael Nixon, 48.59, $18,000. 13. Dean Harrington and Marty Okamura, 49.25, $16,000. 14. Alex Beckstead and Nash Nelson, 50.28, $14,000. 15. Mike Cullen and Len LeBlanc, 50.7, $12,000. 16. Jackson Beshears and Ken Beshears, 51.62, $11,800. 17. Tom Gridley and Ray Douglass, 53.49, $11,600. 18. Christy Lee and Josh Johnson, 31.34 on 3, $11,400. 19. Clayton Beckstead and Zac Beckstead, 31.7 on 3, $11,200. 20. Abe Peters and Garnet Oberkirsch, 33.57 on 3, $11,000.

#13 WSTR Finale XII winners Daren Sims and Spunk Sasser.

Scott Smith and Garrett Nokes (above) won the #12 WSTR Finale XII.

Celebrating after their victory in the #11 WSTR Finale XII are Brady Alexander and Joel Wengert.

Will Jones and Erick Alvarado are interviewed after their win of the #10 Yeti WSTR Finale.

#9 WSTR Finale XII champions were Tim Jarriel and Matt Jarriel of Collins, Georgia.

#8 WSTR Finale XII champions Sam Lunceford and Brett Barrow.