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  • Hawaii ACTRA Chapter Finals

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By Jimmy Pfeffer
Special To Ropers Sports News

RIVERSIDE, CA – The 5th annual Ropes Galore Customer Appreciation Team Roping and Barrel Race was held April 21 and 22 at the Riverside Rancheros Arena.

Thank you so much to Linda Davis, Vicky Mounyo, Jessica Long and Autumn Israel for a great job running the office and handling the announcing chores. Another outstanding job of flagging done by Billy Butler, great cattle provided by Jeremy Gorham and his crew.

The Dummy ropers were again awarded bikes that were sponsored by Bert Franco and Franco Concrete. Always fun to see the smiles on the little ones faces when it comes time to hand out the prizes. Thank you Bert.

 We continue to appreciate the support you give this roping and don’t take it for granted. Thank you SASS Electric, Fast Back Ropes, Western Payments,  Inland Erosion, Coats Saddlery, Skyline Silversmiths, Best Ever Pads, Cactus Ropes, All American Trailers, Chowchilla Western Stampede, BEX Sunglasses, MY Chevrolet, Scott Thomas Saddlery, Curicyn, Ropers Sports News, McKenna Septic, D-F Total Sales, Yeti, Denmark Fencing, JT Cattle, Nuway Inc. Ropers and barrel racers, please be sure to thank and give your business to these companies all throughout the year. It truly is the very best way to say thank you for what they do to support our sport and the equine industry.

I also want to recognize and thank the hard working staff of the Norman Watters Memorial for putting on the barrel race. 

Gratitude to the crew, our sponsors, and all the ropers, barrel racers, and your families for spending the weekend with us. On behalf of my family, we thank you for your continued business support and industry partnership. We’ll see you down the road and around this same time next year for the 6th annual Ropes Galore Customer Appreciation Team Roping & Barrel Race.

Average winners of each pot were also awarded a $1,000 bonus. Payoffs are per team.

OPEN PICK: 5 for $125

1st go: 1. Clay Ullery and Brandon Bates, 6.69, $500.

Average: 1. Dan Denmark and Wade Hooker, 44.78, $2,220. 2. Dan Denmark and Brady Chapman, 47.64, $2,060. 3. Will Lloyd and Wyatt Lloyd, 47.99, $1,370.

#13 Pick: 3 for $50

1st go: 1. Dalton Curley and Max Kuttler, 6.2, $300.

Average: 1. Dalton Curley and Max Kuttler, 20.02, $4,640. 2. Roy Songer and Daniel Necochea, 23.23, $2,550. 3. Ed Necochea and Oliver White, 24.58, $1,940. 4. Shawn Howell and Tony Boggs, 25.27, $1,460. 5. Ryan Dodds and Manuel Sanchez, 26.04, $1,090. 6. Randy Stanley and Manuel Sanchez, 26.12, $850. 7. Levi Brott and Brad Bishop, 27.15 $600.

#10 Pick: 3 for $50

1st go: 1. Wyatt Lloyd and Casey Eller, 6.81, $300.

Average: 1. Randy Stanley and Jason Stanley, 27.35, $5,700. 2. Javier Loza and Brady Neyman, 28.89, $3,520. 3. Chris Baker and Oliver White, 28.97, $2,550. 4. Jodi Treasure and Tony Boggs, 29.4, $2,150. 5. Brayden Israel and Jesstin McNet, 30.23, $1,760. 6. Tommy Thompson and Shawn Small, 30.52, $1,370. 7. John Hannon and Dillon Foster, 30.98, $1.080. 8. Robert Reed and Brady Neyman, 30.98, $1,080. 9. Bret Neyman and Casey Eller, 31.3, $780. 10. Wyatt Lloyd and Casey Eller, 31.39, $590.

#8 Pick: 3 for $50

1st go: 1. Joe Harris and Troy Atig, 7.78, $300.

Average: 1. Roger Coons and Casey Eller, 28.38, $5,070. 2. Joe Harris and Troy Attig, 28.92, $2,850. 3. Toni Miller and Rob England, 33.28, $2,160. 4. Brady Denmark and Walt Stewart, 34.72, $1,630. 5. Brayden Israel and Ryan Gorham, 38.42, $1,220. 6. Thad Ostrander and Troy Attig, 41.4, $950. 7. Nasia Chapman and Brooklin Ness, 42.61, $680.