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By Tracey Scott
Special To Ropers Sports News

Here we are in June again and CHSRA (California High School Rodeo Association) contestants are heading to Bishop, Calif., for the 2018 High School State Finals. Families from near the Oregon border all the way down to the Mexican border will be packing up the kids, horses, bikes, fishing gear, ropes and everything else they need to compete and enjoy the Eastern Sierras for a week. It is an understatement to say this area is a pristine setting for any family vacation and add the week of competition from the toughest high school contestants in the state and what could be more perfect?

This is the 14th year Bishop has been home to the CHSRA state finals. The Eastern Sierra Tri-County fairgrounds is busy making preparations for the nearly 300 campers and almost 500 horses that will arrive on Saturday, June 9. New this year, 45 contestants per event will all compete in 2 long rounds, 30 will progress to a third round and the Finals, Saturday, June 16 will highlight the top 15. All this competition will be to arrive at the National team qualifiers, which are the top four in each event. Nine queens will also vie for the title of Miss CHSRA at the beginning of the week and the shooting contest has not stopped growing every year since it was added to the schedule.

The community of Bishop is so gracious in its support of our students and association. They host a welcome dinner of over 1,000 guests, provide buckle sponsors, trailer sponsors and many more extras that are greatly appreciated. Our state sponsors are also appreciated this year as always, Cactus Saddlery, Cactus Gear, Cactus Ropes, Heel-O-Matic, Resistol Hats, Les Schwab Tires, Ropers Sports News, and Platinum Performance.

If you find yourself driving up the 395 interstate June 11 through 16, stop in and watch a performance or slack and see how great the future of rodeo looks in California!

State qualifiers by district:

CHSRA District 1: Bailey Small, Blake Shepard, Bryor Minton, Clayton Moore, Cody Stewart, Cole Bunting, Drew Tilton, Emily Kramer, Fallon Myers, Gwen Johnson, Haley Dancer, Jacey Gorden, Jaylee Johnson, Kate Grimsman, Keith Johnson, Kodi Myers, Kolton King, Kyle Stewart, Mackenzie Moore, Masey Minton, Olivia Largent, Reghan Shannon, Riley Griffith, Rosemary Balbiani, Shelby Dunning, Tanner Darst, TJ Gray, Trent Watkins.

CHSRA District 2: Queen, Rachael Russ. Qualifiers: Alexis Gonzalez, Alisha Mackey, Ashley Carr, Ayvree Smith, Cade Browning, Caleb Blyleven, Cameron Graham, Clayton Carr, Cody Morgan, Danner Gonsalves, Danny Fales, DJ Albee, Emily Machado, Emily Mayo, Faith Anderson, Hailey Finnegan, Jackie Jones, Jordan Sullivan, Josie Collins, Lily Emerson, Lindsay Luster, Lindsay Riedel, Marissa Rosenberg, Morgan Hayes, Rachael Russ, Ray Mayo, Ryder Millsap, Sofia Evans, Tanner Pachie, Taylor Griffin, Teigan Mund, Wyatt Henrikson.

CHSRA District 3: Corynne Tanner, Stevie Scott-Smith, Payton Schoeppach, Hunter Morgan, Maddie Biglow, Savanna Morgan, Madi Helming, Hailey Wilbur, Aby Black, Taylor Adams, Malin Marino, Ava Evans, Devon Larsen, Riley Holloway, Jessica Sannar, Melissa Ruggeri, Sandra Sirizotti, Amanda Carey, Fallon McDonald, Wyatt Smith, Kyle Mahon, Weston Smith, George Becker, Logan Anseth, Davis Mardesich, Garrett Shell, Blane Martin, Jake Frenceschi, Justin Schuette, Pierce Wold, Brady Roenspie, Dylan Heishman, Brent Applegarth, Jonathan Siller, Logan Gavin, Carson Stoneman, Tyler Hickerson, Colt Lockwood, Vinnie Del Barba, Jeffrey Fisher, Blake Beck, Cody Mclean, Kruz Conway, Callahan Rooney, Colby Green.

CHSRA District 4: Mia Prichard, Madison Camozzi, Lauren McDevitt, Emilee Hitchcock, Karly Camozzi, Sierra Stelling, Erynn Torquato, Lilla Bell, Tatum Hurley, Jillian Murray, Kylie Askew, Gracie Bolin Mansmith, McKenna Wood, Sofie tenBroek, Francesca Carlin, Morgan Laughlin, Jennifer Pereira, Sarah Brewen, Rachel Gozzelino, Hailee Westrick, Dawson Bell, Jake Bourdet, Leland King, Trent Low, Tristan Naccarato, Garrett Bourdet, Twyster Hurley, Joe Reyna, Lance Gozzelino, Tucker Bourdet, Mario Sanchez, Cody Skinner.

CHSRA District 5: Rylee George, Madison Deardorf, Sydney Mayer, Londyn Brazil, Kelsey Cadwell, Whitlee Burgess, Cierra Polhemus, Megan Sharp, Rio Rizzo, Mallory Coit, Sierra Bettencourt, Madisen Eads, Lauryn Bairos, Mikayla Hagemann, Kyndall Green, Phillip Knierieme, Ryan Bettencourt, Karson Mebane, Kerry Duvall, Tate Borba, Trey Baker, Ronan Hice, Aam Souza Jr., Grant Peterson, Allen Battle, Andy Guzman, Ky-Manee Hardy, Seth Thompson, Cody Russell, Wyatt Roseberry, Machaela Sinclair.

CHSRA District 6: Andee Poole, Ashley Tackitt, Bailee Poole, Caden Grisedale, Chance Freeman, Cobie Dodds, Cole Dodds, Ellie Bonilla, Erin Atkinson, Erin Shipley, Gracie Mann, Hannah Steagall, Joleen Summers, Kade Holman, Kaiden Ayers, Kaitlin Brackett, Lizzie Stewart, Luke Bonjorni, Macie Kulikov, Nolan Scott, Payson Holman, Riley Stuhaan, Seth Sweeney, Taylor Strohl, Trey Peterson, Wilson Redfeairn.

CHSRA District 7: Jesslyn Blank, Carissa Cuella, Regan Fowler, Riley Gajdos, Lauren Hopkins, Jared Javadi, Ryan Jennings, Alia Lautrup, Chance Leatherman, Ashley Lewis, Cutter Machado, Sammy Massey, Sadie Noblitt, Macy Obringer, Tanner Patino, Josie Pereira, Joshua Robinson, Fallon Ruffoni, Chase Shrode, Antonio Silva, Clay Simons, Brooklyn Sitton, Cora Stewart, Hayden Taylor, Blayne Twisselman, Ethan Usher, Maggie Usher, Kathryn Varian, Rhett Varian.

CHSRA District 8: Addison Coutts, Avery Lopez, Cesar Talamantes, Cori Burdett, Dakoda Boy­­ce, Daley Raze, Dalton Shepard, Daylin Denmark, Dillon Ishman, Ella Groff, Jace Helton, Jackson Cabrera, Jenna Reardon, Jessica Krambeer, Joey Blackmore, Kaydin Finan, Mackenzie Parker, Masyn Powers, Payton Bladow, Payton Lopez, Payton Scalzo, Reese Lance, Ryley Asbell, Savannah Densmore, Taylor Lamb, Wyatt Sutton.

CHSRA District 9: Luke Soto, Wyatt Soto, Brett Stephey, Kyle Cummings, Garret Colunga, Tucker Colunga, Nick Henry, Carly Hopkins, Easton Burkhart, Zane Pratt, Alison Interbeaten, Pfeiffer Alves, Mia Marchini, Lacey Geiger, Jessicans Makenna Batchelder, Lacy Satterfield, Janis Osbrink, Meagan Kitko, Makayla Farkas, Nicole Vasallo, Cailee Carlson.