• Steve Maddalena Memorial Roping

    Steve Maddalena Memorial champion heeler Roscoe Rhodes, Lacey Parsons presenting (with Stevie Parsons), and champion header Matt Goings. Click on photo for full story...

  • Mora & Chaves Win Wounded Heroes Open

    High money senior and junior at the Wounded Heroes Roping: Mitch Jacobs (left), Ryan Eaton Jr. presenting, Gavin Cardoza, and Jerry Johnson presenting. Click photo for full story...

  • Gold Medals Awarded At Days Of '47

    Team Ropers Ty Blasingame and Kyle Lockett (c) were the gold medal winners at the Days of ’47 Cowboy Games & Rodeo. Second and third were Tanner Tomlinson and Will Woodfin, and Cory Clark and Douglas Rich. (Days of '47 Cowboy Games & Rodeo photo by Ric Andersen)  Click photo for full story.

  • ProRodeo Hall Of Fame Welcomes 2019 Class

    The ProRodeo Hall of Fame enshrined 12 members at the Hall in Colorado Springs, Colo. The Class of 2019 included Allen Bach, Commotion (bareback horse), Elra Beutler and Jiggs Beutler (stock contractor), Dean Gorsuch (steer wrestler), Doug Brown (bull rider), Jerome Robinson (notable), Cody Stampede Rodeo (committee), Tommy Lucia (contract personnel), Jimmie Gibbs Munroe (barrel racer), Sammy Thurman Brackenbury (barrel racer) and Florence Youree (notable). (PRCA ProRodeo photo by Steve Gray) Click photo for full story...

WICKENBURG, AZ – The National Team Roping Tour held its Cinco De Mayo Fiesta May 5 at Rancho Rio. Results are as follows:

#9 Megabucks

Short go: Stacy McKnight and Carl Luna, 9.46, $200.

Average: 1. Monty Lira and Jeff Lira, 50.68, $2,720. 2. Stacy McKnight and Carl Luna, 53.11, $1,620. 3. John South and Sean Wright, 36.72 on 3, $1,080.

#8 Megabucks

Short go, 1st not placing in average: Monty Lira and Jeff Lira, 16.92, $200.

Average: 1. Kay Miller and Jeff Lira, 51.78, $3,320. 2. Rohn Alder and Troy A. Clark, 54.46, $1,980. 3. Gary McCurry and Roger Wilde, 57.70, $1,320.

#8 Saddle Roping

Average: 1. Kay Miller and Royce Heart, 33.09, $1,500 + saddles. 2. Trever Courvell and Sergio Garcia, 33.10, $1,000 + saddles. 3. Eric Heady and Riley Cameron, 34.70, $800 + saddles. 4. Harry Bernhardt and Don Charging, 35.09, $600 + saddles. 5. Antonio Carbajal and Don Campbell, 36.14, $300.

#6 Buckle Up

Average (1st-4th place also won buckles): 1. Abel Aispuro and Paola Flores, 28.95, $740. 2. Daniel Indas and Eleanor Ellis, 32.04, $440. 3. Jaden Edwards and Brian Edwards, 34.84, $300. 4. Abel Aispuro and Brody Freeman, 34.92, $200.