• Ollie Simpson Memorial Roping

    Wildwood Productions put on the Ollie Simpson Memorial Roping August 11-12. High point ropers won Yeti coolers and included: Toni Morrison, Mike Potts and Mike White. Click photo for full story...

  • Yost Events Purchases Dynamite Arena

    Ropers have been gathering at the iconic Dynamite Arena in Cave Creek, Arizona, since the 1970's and it continues to be one of the leading roping facilities in the region. Photo by Olie’s Images. Click photo for full story...

  • Senior Gold Card Team Roping

    David Motes heading for Denny Watkins at the Salinas Gold Card team roping. Photo by Richard Field Levine. Click photo for full story.

LINCOLN, CA – On May 18-19, 2018, the Williams/Sanders Memorial Roping was held at the Lincoln District 3 High School Rodeo Grounds. This was a time for good friends and families to get together to rope, remember Howard Williams and Al Sanders, and to contribute to charities which benefit kids. In the seven years since this roping was first held, the roping community has given $61,600 to the Shriners Hospital, Ronald McDonald House, and California High School Rodeo District 3. All proceeds from the silent auction and all profits from the roping are contributed to these three organizations.

The weather was beautiful for the two day event. 

The high point header and heeler were awarded Yeti coolers. The Yeti coolers went to the family of Sheanna DeForest (header) and CJ DeForest (heeler). 

On Saturday, May 19, Gist buckles went to first place in the Handicapped Pick & Draw. These were won by Josh Scheiber and Jeremy Simonich.  First in the #10 won Denise VonTour leather rope bags. The #10 winners were Andy Holcomb and Willie Worley. First in the #5.5 won Karen McFarland buckles and picture display frames. These frames were awarded to Sheanna DeForrest and Joe Morris. The All Girl Roping had the most numerous awards. Thanks to Patti Parker for donating Vaquero knives which went to first place. Also, thanks to Amy Jo White for donating Classic pads from Vaquero. These pads were decorated with leather corner plates created by Denise VonTour.  These pads went to second in the All Girl. Amy also donated RTCS mugs from Savanna Santos-Chance. These mugs displayed Howard’s and Al’s brands along with the name of the memorial roping. The mugs were won by third place.  Finally, Amy Jo also donated frames from Sierra Hills Framing in Lincoln. Fourth place won the frames. The prizes in the All Girl went to 1st, Adele Brown and Denise VonTour; 2nd, Adele Brown and Judy Parker; 3rd, Adele Brown and Cindy Maddalena, and 4th, Leslie Davenport and Denise VonTour. 

Fast time hats or visors were awarded in all of the jackpots.  These went to Stoney Joseph and Joe Morris, Stoney Joseph and Anival Guerrero, Larry Williams and Allen Sanders, and Karen Deller and Amy Jo White.

On Sunday, May 20, prizes were Gist buckles to first in the Handicapped Pick & Draw, Denise VonTour breast collars to first in the Junior/Senior, and Karen McFarland buckle and picture frames to 1st in the #4.5 pick. The prize winners were Stevie Mae Smith and Brad Blagg (Pick & Draw), Stevie Mae Smith and C.J. DeForest (Jr./Sr.), and Josh Scheiber and Carson Williams (#4.5 pick).  Fast time hats went to Dan Williams Jr. and Dan Williams Sr., Suzanne Williams and Brady Roenspie, and Ted Williams and Justin Schuette.

There were many generous donations. We sincerely thank everyone for coming and for all of their donations. We especially want to thank the following people and companies: Pat Hudson, Pete Williams, Sierra  Hills Framing in Lincoln, the Williams and Sanders families, Oakridge Winery, Denise VonTour, Karen McFarland, Ray Miller, Gary Gist, Steer Gear, Cody Kingston, Jeff Verlin, Patti Parker, Amy Jo White, and Placer Farm Supply.

Results are as follows; payoff is per man and all pots were ACTRA ropings:

Saturday, May 19

Hdcp P/D: 3 for $20

1st go: 1. Stoney Joseph and Joe Morris, 5.92, $53. 2. Sheanna DeForest an Andy Holcomb, 6.58, $32. 3. Steve Waldron and Ryan Phun, 6.91, $21.

Average: 1. Josh Scheiber and Jeremy Simonich, 23.24, $277. 2. Larry Williams and CJ DeForest, 26.53, $229. 3. Blaine Martin and Willie Worley, 30.31, $182. 4. Leslie Davenport and Ryan Phun, 32.88, $134. 5. Alex Vigil and CJ DeForest, 33.83, $86. 6. Andy Holcomb and Anival Guerrero, 35.33, $48.

#10 Hdcp Pick: 4 for $50

1st go: 1. Stoney Joseph and Anival Guerrero, 5.41, $98. 2. Stoney Joseph and Joe Robinson, 5.58, $65.

Average: 1. Andy Holcomb and Willie Worley, 24.59, $441. 2. Larry Williams and Anival Guerrero, 24.66, $367. 3. Andy Holcomb and CJ DeForest, 25.67, $294. 4. Ryan Parker and Brian Humphry, 27.27, $220. 5. Tim Hansen and John Wheatley, 33.15, $147.

#5.5 Pick: 3 for $20

1st go: 1. Larry Williams and Allen Sanders, 7.16, $58. 2. Cody Kingston and Tim Petersen, 7.78, $38.

Average: 1. Sheanna DeForest and Joe Morris, 26.25, $260. 2. Sondra Williams and Dan Williams Sr., 27.80, $217. 3. Heidi Becca Kucera and Steve Mitchell, 35.39, $173. 4. Gavin Wheatley and John Wheatley, 37.20, $130. 5. Sheanna DeForest and Sean Wright, 37.31, $87.

All Girl P/D: 3 for $20

1st go: 1. Karen Deller and Amy Jo White, 10.51, $33.

Average: 1. Adele Brown and Denise VonTour, 42.09, $152. 2. Adele Brown and Judy Parker, 46.17, $91. 3. Adele Brown and Cindy Maddalena, 29.09 on 2, $61.

Sunday, May 20

Hdcp P/D: 3 for $20

1st go: 1. Dan Williams Jr. and Dan Williams Sr., 6.54. Suzanne Williams and Willie Worley, 6.97, $30.

Average: 1. Stevie Mae Scott Smith and Brad Blagg, 18.70, $199. 2. Sheanna DeForest and CJ DeForest, 24.76, $166. 3. Stevie Mae Scott Smith and Steve Smith, 27.66, $133. 4. Suzanne Williams and Joe Morris, 27.89, $99.

Jr/Sr Pick: 3 for $20

1st go: 1. Suzanne Williams and Brady Roenspie, 7.42, $33. 2. Wyatt Bullivant and Doug Young, 8.54, $22.

Average: 1. Stevie Mae Scott Smith and CJ DeForest, 25.34, $149. 2. Wyatt Bullivant and Willie Worley, 31.04, $124. 3. Stevie Mae Scott Smith and Joe Morris, 34.52, $99. 4. Colby Scott Smith and Willie Worley, 36.52, $74. 5. Ava Evans and Randall Bullivant, 44.50, $49.

#4.5 Pick: 3 for $20

1st go: 1. Ted Williams and Justin Schuette, 6.49, $36. 2. Sondra Williams and Carson Williams, 9.14, $24.

Average: 1. Josh Scheiber and Carson Williams, 31.24, $162. 2. Ken Wold and John Wheatley, 31.38, $135. 3. Gavin Wheatley and Joe Morris, 33.11, $108. 4. Sheanna DeForest and Kruz Conway, 20.12, $81. 5. Sondra Williams and Carson Williams, 24.87, $54.