• CHSRA State Finals in Bishop

    All-Around cowboy Caden Grisedale, District 6, and All-Around cowgirl Payton Scalzo, D8, with CHSRA queen Karly Camozzi, D4. (Photo by Weasel Loader) Click photo for full story...

  • Smith & Clover Win Kelly Clausen Memorial Saddles

    Bruce Clausen (c) congratulates the high point saddle winners at this year's Kelly Clausen Memorial Roping. Tanner Smith was the high point #3 and over and "Lucky" Larry Clover, the high point #3.5 and under. Click photo for full story...

  • Lowman Wins BFI All-Girl Challenge

    Corky Ullman (left) and Wende Heinin with Gist (right), present Gist buckles to the All-Girl Challenge winners Debbie Robbins and Danielle Lowman. (Photo by Olie’s Images)  Click photo for full story.

  • Madonna Inn Hosts WSTR Ropings

    Cathie Twisselman presents awards to Open winners Cody Mora and John Chaves at the World Series Roping hosted by Flying T Cattle Company at the Madonna Inn Arena. Click photo for full story...

  • NTR Cowboy Christmas in Arizona

    Jarin Davis and Dylan Davis were the winners of the NTR #7 Bonus in Mormon Lake, Arizona, and won $3,400 and saddles. Click photo for full story...

Rancho Rio, "The Team Roping Capital Of The World." – Ric Andersen/C Bar C Photography

   WICKENBURG, AZ – Team roping is more than just a sport—for many, it’s a lifestyle. With that in mind Yost Events and National Team Roping (NTR) introduced the Livin’ for Ropin’ (L4R) Tour. The two-day events boast low fees and big cash payouts along with substantial prize-lines including trophy saddles, buckles and trucks.

At the most recent L4R Tour stop, which was split over two weekends, more than $145,000 in cash and prizes was paid out to over 1,600 teams at Rancho Rio in Wickenburg, Arizona—the Team Roping Capital of the World. Twenty Cactus Saddlery trophy saddles were awarded on January 12, while buckles, headstalls and a new RAM truck were awarded on January 19. Each day the big L4R prize roping is preceded by an NTR National Megabucks Qualifier. Winners have the option to enter the NTR National Finals at a reduced entry fee or keep the cash—the choice is theirs.
The 2019 NTR National Finals V is open to the world and will take place March 4-9, 2019, at Rancho Rio. In 2018 the 6-day event consisted of 18 individual ropings over seven divisions. Nearly 4,000 teams roped in cash and prizes to the tune of $959,590. The Finals continue to be one of the highest-paying divisional ropings in the industry.
The NTR National Finals is also home to The Horse Sale at Rancho Rio. The annual event draws spectators and buyers from all over the U.S. and Canada. Last year’s high-seller, Im Brad To The Bone, shocked the industry when he sold for $79,000. This year’s sale will take place on Friday, March 8, with a sale preview on Thursday, March 7. The NTR Finals and The Horse Sale combine to make it the main event in Wickenburg each winter. Visit nationalteamroping.com for the most up-to-date information on the 2019 NTR National Finals V and a current schedule including upcoming L4R Tour stops. For more information on The Horse Sale and to view the 2019 consignments visit RanchoRioAZ.com.

Livin’ for Ropin’
January 12
#8 Megabucks
FT short go, 1st not placing in average: Alonso Lopez Jr. and Alonso Lopez, 11.26, $200.
Average: 1. Alonso Lopez and Francisco Arias, 46.65, $3,880. 2. Martin Bernal and Malaquias Perez Ruiz, 51.79, $2,320. 3. Resann Pixley and Rees Jackman, 53.93, $1,550.
#8 Saddle Up
Average (1st-10th in the average received saddles; 11th-14th received headstalls): 1. Jimmy Armenta and Malaquias Perez Ruiz, 27.09, $4,100. 2. Alonso Lopez Jr. and Francisco Arias, 27.57, $2,560. 3. Julie Ballek and Antonio Carbajal, $2,020. 4. Katelyn Perkins and Clay Freeman, 29.21, $1,700. 5. Joel Lopez and Koty Rope Kamm, 30.57, $1,540. 6/7. Ryan McBride and Malaquias Perez Ruiz; Joel Lopez and Francisco Arias, 30.88, $1,280.  8. Aaron Solomon and Jeffery Tso, 31.53, $1,020. 9. Bob Powers and Grant Gillreath, 32.60, $840. 10. Kobe Monroe and Harry C. Nez, 32.95, $700. 11. Wyatt Poulsen and David Alvarado, 33.22, $400. 12. Carole J. Rogers and Antonio Carbajal, 33.35, $400. 13. Alonso Lopez Jr. and Turner Houston, 33.77, $400. 14. Wendy Johnson and Francisco Arias, 34.39, $400.

January 19
#9 Megabucks
FT short go, 1st not placing in average: Larry Shandy and Jose Olivas, 13.82, $200.
Average: 1. Ricardo Ruiz and Ricardo Orozco, 38.10, $3,550. 2. Larry Shandy and Amanda Kooiker, 45.27, $2,660. 3. Felipe Ruiz and Malaquias Perez Ruiz, 46.53, $1,780. 4. Francisco Dominguez and Tyler Gallaway, 46.86, $880.
#9 Truck Roping
FT short go: Destree Yazzie and Luis Mendiaz Marin, 6.96, saddles.
Average: 1. Destree Yazzie and Luis Mendiaz Marin, 22.29, $7,000 + buckles. 2. Kalie Peterson and Mason McEvers, 23.02, $4,200 + buckles. 3. Dillon Johnson and Armando Efrain Murrieta, 23.54, $3,400 + buckles. 4. Oscar Martinez and Cole Carlson, 23.78, $3,000. 5. Jeremy Gorham and Antonio Carbajal, 24.39, $2,400. 6. Adrian Yellowman and Will Cowden, 24.88, $2,200. 7. Joe Nelson and Jr. Wero, 24.99, $2,000. 8. Zoe Bedke and Norbert Gibson, 25.18, $1,600. 9. Marvin Kleinbert and Cesar Yepiz, 25.68, $1,400. 10. Edgar Parson and Armando Efrain Murrieta, 25.82, $1,200. 11. Gavin Hershberger and Bryson Alder, 26.09, $1,000. 12. Brian Carpio and Luis Mendiaz Marin, 26.34, $1,000. 13. Derek Nez and Cesar Yepiz, 26.56, $1,000. 14. Danny Martinez and Julis Lupe, 26.70, $1,000. 15. Alonso Lopez Jr. and Luis Mendiaz Marin, 26.77, $1,000.

January 5
#11 Qualifier
FT short go, 1st not placing in average: Michael Snooks and Kyon Cluff, 13.43, $200.
Average: 1. John C. Alps and Cole Shott, 38.43, $2,520. 2. Becky Tinsley and Wes Tinsley, 42.49, $1,520. 3. JoAnn Merritt and Ty Yost, 46.46, $1,010.
#10 Qualifier
FT short go, 1st not placing in average: Chris Navarro and Dale Woodard, 10.85, $200.
Average: 1. Shawn Cluff and Kyon Cluff, 37.44, $2,300. 2. John C. Alps and Blake Nelson, 43.93, $1,380. 3. Becky Tinsley and Blake Nelson, 52.68, $920.
#9 Qualifier
FT short go, 1st not placing in average: Jerry Hicks and Jeff Clark, 8.12, $200.
Average: 1. John Kuban and Justin Rockhill, 36.63, $2,760. 2. Michael Wilson and Mickey Young, 42.50, $1,640. 3. Kenneth Lyon and Todd Panasuk, 43.26, $1,100.
#8 Qualifier
FT short go: Ken Huseman and Jesse Driskill, 10.96, $200.
Average: 1. Chris Navarro and Gus Evagelopoulos, 54.38, $2,260. 2. Austin Pixley and Rod Brown, 58.29, $1,360. 3. Ken Huseman and Jesse Driskill, 58.42, $900.
#9 Bonus
FT short go, 1st not placing in average: Debra Alps and Earl Higgins, 16.98, $200.
Average: 1. Rope Three Irons and Fred Jones, 26.23, $2,300 + saddles. 2. Ben Powell and Christopher Lopez, 28.62, $1,540 + buckles. 3. Jenna Stolting and Jeff Clark, 34.27, $1,200 + buckles. 4. David Scheffel and Cole Scheffel, 34.63, $840 + buckles. 5. Julie Ballek and Blake Nelson, 35.05, $620. 6. Ray Williams and Earl Higgins, 39.14, $500.

With more than 900 teams battling it out, New Mexico’s Luis Mendiaz Marin finished as the high point roper in the #9 L4R Truck Roping to drive home in a new RAM 3500. – Ric Andersen/C Bar C Photography

For nearly two seasons ropers have been trying their hand at Rio, the Nation’s Wildest Bounty Steer. On Saturday, January 19, Rooster Salazar made history when he slick-horned the famed longhorn aboard his little red roan mare, Roany Pony to take the $1,500 bounty back to his home in Winchester, California. If you think you have what it takes, they rope Rio once per roping day at Rancho Rio. Stop by the entry office for details. – Ric Andersen/C Bar C Photography

Destree Yazzie and Luis Mendiaz Marin clocked the fastest time of the short round in the #9 L4R Truck Roping to take home trophy saddles. With a total time of 22.29 seconds on three they also secured the average win worth $7,000 in cash and trophy buckles. – Ric Andersen/C Bar C Photography