By Elena Clark
Special To Ropers Sports News

PASO ROBLES, CALIF. – The SLO Cattlewomen are so thankful to all of the ropers who continue to support our scholarship fundraiser.  Colleen Enk announced 355 teams along with Elly Leslie on the computer. Thank you to John Max Robertson flagging, San Luis Obispo Cattlewomen: Fran Tognazzini, Roxanne Sanders, Dee Lacey, Joanie Ketcham, Reese Tartaglia, Kathryn McGinnis and Coleton, Chaz, Blake, Aidan, Taylor, our  chute crew doing their jobs fantastically.
The San Luis Obispo County Cattlewomen produce this roping and ALL proceeds go towards scholarships. I would truly like to thank all of the sponsors, ropers, community and cattlewomen for donating their time… “it takes a village!”
It wound up being the “Cody Mora Day” as he won the all- around saddle given in memory of local cattleman Jan Davis, three buckles and a Best Ever saddle pad. Congratulations Cody!
Special thanks to Vivian Robertson and Clark Company for sponsoring the saddle.  
Winners of the #9.5 Don Loftus/Dawson Brooks Memorial were Royce Brown and Dan Engler. Sponsors of the buckles were Claude and Bonnie Loftus families and Larry Brooks.
Winners of the #11.5 Wendy Scalise buckles, sponsored by Carla Young, Colleen Hayes, Joanie Ketcham and Mike and Wendy Hall, were Cody Mora and Marcus Maldonado.
The Lil’ Cowpoke buckle, sponsored by Bitterwater Outfitters, was won by Knox Donnelly and assisted by Danny Leslie.
The #13.5 Brown/Bermudez roping was won by Danny Leslie and Tucker Donlon. Buckles sponsored by Jerry Diefenderfer and the Bermudez Family.
The Open Roping Gene Rambo and Matt Silveira buckles were won by Cody Mora and Dalton Pearce. Buckles sponsored by Cheryl Gay Rambo, Dakota Rodriguez and Mike and Linda Silveira
The Jeff and Jake Walker Memorial Best Ever pads were won by the fastest time of the day winners, Cody Mora and Dalton Pearce. The pads were generously donated by Ryan and Tammy White
The fastest draw team of the day won Alex Madonna and Nealer Pryor buckles sponsored by Rowly and Cathie Twisselman and the Pryor Family.  Winners were Cody Mora and Cutter Machado.
Please remember the following sponsors when you do business, they also help us pay all the expenses that go along with this sport:  3 Brand Cattle, Scott and Melody Hutchins, Hearst Ranches, Karl and Cindy Wittstrom,  Judith  Colglazier, Browder Painting,  Farm Supply, JB Dewar, Chuck and Fran Pritchard, Pioneer Ag Resources, Eleanor Truocchio, Lesa John, Visalia Livestock Market, Buttonwillow Land and Cattle, Farm Credit West, Filipponi and Thompson Drilling, Dick and Tricia Goldstein, Levisay Family, Darrell and Nola Twisselman, Barbara Baggett, Mike Rawitzer, Sarah Kramer, Lorraine Cagliero, Judy Foss, Bank of Sierra, Larry and Jeff Ritchie, Jerry White, Vivian Robertson, Pete and Elena Clark, Madonna Inn, American Riviera Bank, Southwest Fence, North Fork Cattle and Western Stockman’s Market.
SLO Cattlewomen are so grateful to all of our wonderful sponsors.

Results are as follows; payouts are per roper:
#9.5 Roping: 3 for $50
1st go: 1. John Rhoades and Chad Davis, 7.43, $160. 2. Delaney Browder and Tyan Twisselman, 7.54, $105.
Average: 1. Royce Brown and Dan Engler, 24.73, $1,190. 2. Cody Wiseman and Tucker Donlon, 26.62, $715. 3. Ella Bramson, 27,01, $475.
#11.5: 3 for $50
1st go: 1. Francisco Cruz and Cutter Machado, 6.14, $160. 2. Jake Twisselman and Try White, 6.15, $105.
Average: 1. Cody Mora and Marcus Maldonado, 21.65, $1,190. 2. Drew Tilton and Tanner Patino, 23.35, $715. 3. Ty Shintaku and Blaize Twisselman, 23.50, $475.
#13.5: 3 for $50
1st go: 1. Cody Mora and Cutter Machado, 5.50, $160. 2n. Mike Morrison and Mark Scobie, $105.
 Average:1. Danny Leslie and Tucker Donlon, 16.95, $1,190. 2. Cody Mora and Cutter Machado, 17.24, $715. 3. Francisco Cruz and Mark Scobie, Jr., 17.42, $475.
1. Juan Ramirez and Cutter Machado, 18.68, $992. 2. Juan Ramirez and Jake Bourdet, 19.60, $595. 3. Ryan Bettencourt and Jake Bourdet, 20.06, $397.
Open: 3 for $50
1st go: 1. Cutter Machado and Danny Leslie, 4.72, $160. 2. Cutter Machado and Dalton Pearce, 4.80, $105.
Average: 1. Cody Mora and Dalton Pearce, 15.87, $1,190. 2. Brayden Schmidt and Dalton Pearce, 15.97, $715. 3. Cutter Machado and Dalton Pearce, 16.49, $475.