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By Jaime Hinton
Special to Ropers Sports News

Anyone who remembers the Spring Run Classic barrel race from last year remembers two things; mud and misery. It was these memories that kept the producers phone ringing off the hook for three weeks prior to the annual April event. Barrel racers from near and far asked about the weather, about covered pens and back up plans. However, Mother Nature was kind to us this year and the Spring Run Classic 2013 will be remembered as a sun filled, fast paced race that saw unbelievable runs, great checks, wiener dog races and family fun. 

Announcer Taylor Nahrgang started off the Friday night barrel race with Renee Ryckebosch from Reno, Nev. taking an early lead on her big yellow horse, Streakin’ Firewater with a 17.513 outrunning 196 contestants to win the first round of the Spring Run Classic. Day 2, and with 233 contestants in the draw, a little blonde Cottonwood, Calif. cowgirl set the place on fire with the fastest time of the day on a little sorrel horse that impressed and ignited everyone that watched them. Angie Hardin and her superstar Smarty’s Real Rock laid down a 17.147 and what ended up as the fastest time of the entire weekend. The duo came back on Sunday to post a 17.373, good enough for second place in the third round. Vacaville, Calif. cowgirl, Cynthia Williamson and Impressive Command smoked a 17.176 to win Sunday’s race and outran 204 contestants. College student Danielle McCants took the average, picking up a seventh place check Friday, second on Saturday and fourth on Sunday riding her awesome sorrel horse, Snappy Mate. 

With 633 runs across the arena and over $45,000 in payout, this year’s Spring Run Classic was a success! A full listing of results can be found at www.westcoastbarrelracing.com and for more information on Diamond Bar Arena or West Coast Barrel Racing contact (209) 538-7680. 

Results through 5th place are as follows (place, rider, horse, time and money won):


1D: 1st. Renee Ryckebosch, Streakin Firewater, 17.513, $648. 2nd. Vicky Benedetti, Chase, 17.526, $580. 3rd. Sheena Robbins, Shorty, 17.558, $477. 4th. Luena Harbert, Doc La Money, 17.561, $409. 5th. Jamie Gee, Smoky Nevada Jug, 17.588, $324.

2D: 1st. Breely Unruh, Fancy That Vision, 18.023, $593. 2nd. Lacey Lockard, Mighty Easy Fame, 18.027, $530. 3rd. Amanda Stallins, Tivios Custom Gage, 18.056, $437. 4th. Cynthia Williamson, Impressive Command, 18.063, $374. 5th. Bethany Unruh, Totally The Last Go, 18.066, $286.

3D: 1st. Sami Jo Morisli, Glo Miss N Buck, 18.516, $519. 2nd. Brie Norton, Diesel, 18.524, $464. 3rd. Mandy Trammell, Special Dancer, 18.55, $382. 4th. Amy Von Tour, Bully’s Dreamer, 18.548, $328. 5th. Jenae Morrison, Powder River Colonel, 18.551, $259.

4D: 1st. Karly Camozzi, Ricky Bobby, 19.515, $464. 2nd. Berta Richardson, Rubi, 19.531, $415. 3rd. David Lawson, Never Hit Seventeen, 19.533, $342. 4th. Shelly Pe-lowski, Colonel Catarey, 19.-541, $293. 5th. Caylee Graves, Tuff, 19.607, $232.


1D: 1st. Angie Hardin, Smartys Real Rock, 17.147, $981. 2nd. Danielle McCants, Snappy Mate, 17.279, $824. 3rd. Fallon Taylor, Flo, 17.348, $707. 4th. Jere Kleinpeter, Dashin Valentine, 17.350, $550. 5th. Cynthia Williamson, Impressive Command, 17.467, $393.

2D: 1st. Stacey Freitas, Mohican Sun, 17.661, $681. 2nd. Bailey Nahrgang, In The Sky Bar, 17.698, $609. 3rd. Kimberli Quinn, Bed Of Lillies, 17.700, $502. 4th. Cindy Smith, Hotty, 17.750, $430. 5th. Vicky Benedetti, Chase, 17.751, $340.

3D: 1st. Virgina McClintock, Nip It Now, 18.148, $594. 2nd. Reiney Hatch, Slinkys Rocket, 18.155, $531. 3rd. Jandee Smart, Flit By Fax, 18.176, $438. 4th. Heather Nemeth, Shagadelic Jaguar, 18.196, $375. 5th. Bethany Unruh, Totally The Last Go, 18.207, $297.

4D: 1st. Tiffany Ewald, Huggybare’s Joy, 19.154, $529. 2nd. Ashley Hofman, Teddy Dun Tucker, 19.156, $473. 3rd. Eryn Greenfield, Hopelessly Famous, 19.180, $390. 4th. Mariah Hageman, Sizzlin Sam, 19.182, $334. 5th. Cheyenne Adney, Bootscootndashin, 19.191, $264.


1D: 1st. Cynthia Williamson, Impressive Command, 17.176, $700. 2nd. Angie Hardin, Smartys Real Rock, 17.373, $630. 3rd. Megan Lewis, Smart Fame, 1731, $525. 4th. Danielle McCants, Snappy Mate, 17.545, $437. 5th. Laura Rodrigo, Rakin Rebel, 17.584, $350. 

2D: 1st. Candace Zappetini, Royal Demands, 17.695, $608. 2nd. Bailey Nahrgang, Shes A Brisco, 17.730, $544. 3rd. Shelley Holman, Smart Bert Bills, 17.750, $448. 4th. Ashley Smith, Triple The Dash, 17.753, $384. 5th. Kimberli Quinn, Horse 2, 17.763, $304. 

3D: 1st. Dana Luther, Cooper, 18.180 $532. 2nd. Hannah Steagall, Tinks Jazzy Reed, 18.182, $476. 3rd. Suzanne Koch, Genuine Lil Night, 18.216, $392. 4th. Aimee Sawyer, Rio, 18.235, $336. 5th. Jenae Morrison, Powder Rivere Colonel, 18.239, $266.

4D: 1st. Lacey Robinson, Mercy, 19.185, $475. 2nd. Judi Hammond, Invisible Winner, 19.208, $425. 3rd. Tina Herman, Sky Cash, 19.265, $350. 4th. Brian Ramirez, Holly, 19.266, $300. 5th. Katie Beard, Sin, 19.268, $237

Average results are as follows (place, rider, time and money won):

1D: 1st. Danielle McCants, Snappy Mate, 52.500, $345. 2nd. Cynthia Williamson, Impressive Command, 52.706, $285. 3rd. Kimberli Quinn, Bed Of Lillies, 53.176, $255. 4th. Kimberli Quinn, Horse 2, 53.589, $210. 5th. Lauren Pai, Badger Poco Scamp, 53.611, $165.

2D: 1st. Tiffany Hannan, Sanjo’s Milligan, 54.009, $317. 2nd. Breely Unruh, Fancy That Vision, 54.110, $262. 3rd. Kimberlee Boddy, King’s River Colonel, 54.276, $234. 4th. Danielle Sandy, Magic Remedy, 54.331, $193. 5th. Cheyene Hattsen, Let’s Play Rodeo, 54.378, $151.

3D: 1st. Aimee Barragan, Hot Prima Donna, 55.530, $278. 2nd. Michelle Sullivan, Dash Of Native, 55.541, $230. 3rd. David Lawson, Rosebuds Jet, 55.556, $206. 4th. Shelby Stansbury, Driftin On A Sugar Hi, 55.559, $169. 5th. Corene Baldwin, Tiny Red Pepper, 55.632, $133. 

4D: 1st. Pamela Scheer, Dori, 58.517, $249. 2nd. David Lawson, Never Hit Seventeen, 58.532, $206. 3rd. Bailey Nahrgang, Find A Pie, 58.849, $184. 4th. Tiffany Ewald, Huggybare’s Joy, 59,048. 5th. Jakklyn Jefferson, Poco Peps Modoc, 59.068, $119.

Open average winner Danielle McCants on "Snappy Mate." (Photo by Gene McFerran)

Fastest time of the weekend, first place on Saturday was Angie Hardin on "Smarty's Real Rock." (Photo by Gene McFerran)