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World Series of Team Roping in Fort Mohave, AZ

Fuller Productions presented a World Series of Team Roping event on April 14 in Fort Mohave, Ariz.

Results are as follows:

#13 WSTR: 89 teams.

Average: 1st. Trent Baxter and Willy Kelton, 33.21, $8,540. 2nd. Jim Wales and Rod Lyman, 34.49, $6,410. 3rd. Bill Fancher and Chad Benson, 36.63, $4,270. 4th. Kylee Hash and George Ishman Jr., 40.99, $2,140.

#12 WSTR: 129 teams.

Average: 1st. Jack Fuller and Shawn Gross, 28.78, $9,890. 2nd. Jamie Singletary and John Bassett, 30.38, $6,890. 3rd. Cassie Hambrick and Chad Benson, 31.17, $5,090. 4th. Joe Campbell and Delon Parker, 34.84, $3,590. 5th. Trent Baxter and Walter Bob Baxter, 35.06, $2,700. 6th. Mel Coleman and Vern Goodman, 37.70, $1,800.

Fast time: Shawn Sullivan and Jerry Linaweaver, 7.24, $1,000.

#11 WSTR: 131 teams.

Average: 1st. Danny Eide and Bob Strander, 38.01, $10,050. 2nd. Summer Alexander and Brad Alexander, 38.38, $7,000. 3rd. Travis Lawrence and Huck Sandsness, 39.29, $5,170. 4th. Jamie Payton and Carl Luna, 39.59, $3,650. 5th. Kurt Lorensen and Jim Titsworth, 42.58, $2,740. 6th. Michele Spurling and Shawn Little, 44.14, $1,830.

Fast time: Bill Fancher and Steve Medlin, 12.45, $1,000.

#10 WSTR: 188 teams.

Average: 1st. Thad McConnell and Barrett Littell, 36.77, $12,360. 2nd. Tom Hill and John Parker, 38.65, $8,380. 3rd. Kurt Lorensen and Dick Churchill, 41.14, $6,620. 4th. Adrian Ramirez and Jarod Maples, 42.08, $4,850. 5th. Monty Lira and Jeff Lira, 42.57, $3,970. 6th. Bounce Chapman and A.J. Chapman, 43.20, $3,530. 7th. Michael Vohs and Dell Millward, 43.65, $2,650.

Fast time: Dale Tecklenburg and Hugh Campbell, 44.04, $1,760.

#9 WSTR: 150 teams.

Average: 1st. Simon Tafoya and Dave Washburn, 47.74, $11,550. 2nd. Patrick Ferlisi and Nolan Riley, 48.34, $8,050. 3rd. Bob Scott and Wayne Barichello, 49.45, $5,950. 4th. Fred Ennist and Phil Moffitt, 50.41, $4,200. 5th. Colleen Watson and Terrance Persson, 50.64, $3,150. 6th. Dean Rappa and Brian Arave, 50.88, $2,100.

Fast time: Stacie Jackson and Nolan Riley, 8.46, $1,000.

Winners of the #13 WSTR Roping were Trent Baxter and Willy Kelton.

#9 WSTR winners Dave Washburn and Simon Tafoya.


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