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He’s got a scar over his right eye and typically wears a broken-in short brimmed straw, his name is Cole. His brother Cobie, stands a little taller and wears a nice black felt. Over the years, many of us have watched these boys grow into handsome, ropy, handy and fine gentlemen. Now 18 years old and seniors at Hallmark Charter High School, Cobie and Cole Dodds are gearing up for their last California high school rodeo. 

Twins Cole and Cobie Dodds are gearing up for their final CHSRA Finals that takes place in Bishop, Calif. in June. They rodeo for D6 and won the team roping title as well as each qualifying in the tie-down and steer wrestling.


This month, the twins will be competing together and against each other in Bishop at the California High School Rodeo (CHSRA) Finals. Not only did they end the year by winning District 6’s team roping, but Cobie also took home the tie-down title. Both boys qualified for the same events – team roping, with Cobie stickin’ bones and Cole hockin’ dubs, tie-down roping and steer wrestling. 

“Rodeo is truly a family sport – there’s not many others that you can be coached by, travel with, compete against and with,” Cobie says.

The twins work for their parents, Mindy and Brett Dodds at Silver-D-Bar Training Center, a family owned Thoroughbred and Quarter Horse Facility for 53 years. After high school, Cobie plans on attending West Hills Community College and then later, transfer to Fresno State University to major in Ranch Management. After obtaining his education, he plans on running a cattle ranch for himself but regardless, wants to stay involved working around cattle. Cole anticipates to major in animal science and college rodeo at Fresno State University. His goal is to work for a degree and career that gives him the freedom to rodeo and rope.

“I wouldn’t be here doing what I love without the support of my family,” Cole expresses.
Good luck boys, we are proud of you!

Do you have any goals set for state finals?

Cobie: Do the best I can, rope what I draw and hopefully qualify for nationals.

Cole: To qualify for nationals in at least one, if not all of my events.

How does it feel to be able to compete together?

Cobie: It is fun and challenging. We push each other to do and be better than one another.

Cole: Pretty awesome, not many kids get to compete with their twin as closely as Cobie and I have. Plus, we know each other so well it takes a lot of the pressure off.

What is your favorite event and why?

Cobie: Team roping because I feel that it is my best event.

Cole: Tie-down because it is challenging to really see what you and your horse can do.

Who or what inspires you and why?

Cobie: My family because they support and back me.

Cole: My parents and grandparents. They are always out in the practice arena helping us. 

What has been your favorite thing about high school rodeo and why?

Cobie: The competition and friendships! Everyone wants to be there and help you and the friendships will be there forever because of this sport and lifestyle.

Cole: High school rodeo prepares you for competition to go onto amateur and pro-rodeos. I’ve met some great friends and seen a lot of places.

Tell us about your favorite wins or major accomplishments:

Cobie: Winning the tie-down in our district this year, beating Cole (laughs) and winning the team roping in our district for the past two years.

Cole: Qualifying for nationals all three years of junior high, wining the all-around my 8th grade year and qualifying the last two years to high school national finals.

Who is your rodeo idol and why?

Cobie: Chad Masters. He stayed with us during Clovis [Rodeo] and he is a great horseman, roper and treats people with respect and actually spends time talking to you.

Cole: Trevor Brazile because he does multiple events and is very successful at all of them.

You ride a lot of dynamite horses, but which one’s your favorite?

Cobie: Bo, the head horse I ride now. He is solid in the box, fast to steers and faces good.

Cole: Paycheck was the first horse I really learned to rope on and allowed me to really progress my heading skills. I also breakawayed and goat-tied off of him.

What are your favorite cattle to rope?

Cobie: Corrientes to team rope and beef or longhorn calves.

Cole: Corriente cattle to team rope and beef calves in tie-down.

Have you currently set any roping or rodeo goals?

Cobie: Win state in the team roping with Cole.

Cole: Be successful in the years to come. Maybe win state finals, college finals and onto the PRCA.

What’s something you could tell junior high rodeo athletes before they enter high school rodeo?

Cobie: Have fun, be involved, stay positive and never give up.

Cole: Have fun and don’t pressure up. Enjoy it all and don’t let anyone tell you that you are not good enough.

Cobie getting a big curl at a rodeo in Oakdale, Calif. He is riding his horse, Taz.

Cole, competing in the tie-down roping at a CHSRA rodeo that was held in Clovis, Calif.

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