They are a must have! From wins to losses, love, fun, and even heartbreaks, they are with us every step of the way. They can make us feel on top of the world and frankly, we cannot function without them. It’s fun to try to figure out why some fads shoot for the moon and others fall down in the gutter. With some, there is no rhyme or reason for their sudden burst, and they usually fade as fast as they appear. But I must say, cowboy boots will never be a fad.
Legend has it that cowboy boots can be traced back to Genghis Khan, who was the emperor of the Mongol Empire, who wore distinctive red boots with wooden heels. England, 17th and 18th century, displayed riding boots with high tops and stacked heels. Then there was the first Duke of Wellington, who defeated Napoleon at Waterloo in 1815, wearing calf-length boots with a low heel, Arthur Wellesley. The Wellington’s made it easy to mass produce in the 1860’s. Wellington boots were preferred by soldiers during the U.S. Civil War, and when the war ended in 1865, soldiers proudly took their boots home. America later ushered in the era of the cowboy and the cowboy boots have made their statement we love and know today.

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Cowboy boots have made a huge impact making appearances with high fashion designers. From Michael Kors to Isabel Marant models stroll down the runway dressed impeccably from head to toe wearing a history ensemble. Early cowboy boots were work boots and were suitably utilitarian in appearance. With actors such as John Wayne, Gene Autry, and Roy Rogers, Hollywood made heroes and fashion icons out of cowboys, while making fashion statements out of cowboy boots. Then, here comes the Hollywood filmmakers who adopted the era of the cowboy. Rugged individualism, strength, independence heroes-they popularized cowboys…come on, everyone knows who John Wayne is! Roy Rogers was always best dressed wearing handsome hand tooled boots with star designs, embossing and inlays that added to the beauty and mystique.
This year, we will see an abundance of cowboy boots decorated with bright colors, prints, and height. From Tin Haul, to Lucchese, each company is competing with one another making their own fashion statement among our huge boot industry.
My boot collection, “to diiiieee for ddaaahllliinngg!” My collection goes on for years. I completely refuse to purchase from retailers unless I absolutely have to. Over the years, I began collecting from thrift and vintage stores. I have come to appreciate a pair of cowboy boots better that way. With this comes the broadening of my knowledge of brands, history, and taste for cowboy boots. You cannot believe the boots and brands I have found not only with the quality but the price tag which makes it that much better! I love my old cowboy boots because I know that I continue to walk in a story someone else has started. For me, cowboy boots are romantic and are part of our American vision. They make me feel taller, stronger, louder, and confident. In cowboy boots, you strut your swagger. There is no vulnerability allowed!

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