She’s a señorita. The glamorous kind; such poise and grace displayed from the top of her sombrero down to her fringed embroidered boots, so hot her beauty may burn your eyes. Dressed to kill with precise red lips and perfect cat eye eyeliner, her heart is full of God, life, rodeo, and fashion. A humble and down to earth cowgirl, Quincy Freeman is on top of her fashion game making waves across the world with her signature style and collection of boots. 

“Rodeo Quincy” knows the ropes not only in fashion but the history and tradition of cowboys. A Catholic woman, Freeman was born into a very influential cattle and ranching family. Inspired by her nana, Rosita Marvel and mother, Sally Freeman, she learned at a young age the definition of fashion and what being a cowgirl represented. Her mother always encouraged her to embrace her individuality, be strong, and stand out from the crowd. 

“My dad loves to tell me this story about my first week encounter with a Catholic nun at school who was my second grade teacher at the time. After the first week of school, I came home and told him that it was terrible that she wore the same outfit every day.”

Knowing at a young age that she was addicted to fashion, Freeman was unaware she would be addicted to rodeo as well. Her career in rodeo started in high school when she fell in love with the history and atmosphere of the rodeo ambiance and lifestyle. Carrying on the family tradition, Freeman was at the top of every short round and average in all her events. Her success in high school rodeo leads to being the team captain of the Cal Poly San Luis women’s rodeo team for two years and then qualifying to the College National Finals. 

Blonde ambition continued to emerge as her hard work paid off when she was blessed with an opportunity to design for Ariat International while she was still attending college at Cal Poly. She designed four lines of boots and a line of clothing and belts. With fashion and rodeo running thick through her soul, she took her next opportunity taking advantage of the Entrepreneurship program at Cal Poly. Little did she know at the time that her next big business success would soon be launching while she followed in her nana’s footsteps being a fashion and rodeo icon to many cowgirls around the world. 

With creativity and inspirations from people, places, rodeos, and her Spanish heritage, color and design thick like lava in her blood. Currently designing horse tack, rodeo belts, fashion belts and cowboy boots, Rodeo Quincy and Quincy Tack blossomed like a wild flower dominating the arenas and streets of the fashion and rodeo industry. 

Marty Robbins and Patsy Cline fill her ears with a cup of joe in hand, as she heads to her office to begin her typical work week as a successful fashion designer. Having the opportunity to share an office with her dad and brother, Freeman is always motivated and learning from  two very important business men in her life. 

Designing comes about sporadically. Each collection is designed with love, color, thought, and of course lots of sparkle and fringe. Rodeo Quincy is a huge fan of Ralph Lauren and his timeless silhouettes and impact on the fashion world displaying American and western domination.

Reinventing every piece and line, her newest collection, the “Rosita Collection,” was inspired by her 91-year-old nana, Rosita Marvel who has never been seen without a beautiful red lip. Created with elaborate Spanish embroidery paired with a classic fashion heel, Freeman’s goal was to construct a collection that was timeless, fun, and influenced by her Spanish heritage. Every boot in the collection is named after a relative of her nana. The design of the boot and heel of the “Rosita Collection” is her absolute favorite and best designed of all her collections.

When asked what the most rewarding part of her career was, Freeman responded, “Freedom to have complete creative control, there’s no better feeling than making pieces that have so much thought and time put into them and then having someone else compliment or buy them. The great response I have received from Rodeo Quincy and Quincy Tack and Belts makes me feel like the luckiest most blessed girl in the world! I cannot thank everyone who has helped me, supported me and bought my pieces along the way enough! Without you all my dreams couldn’t be made possible!”

In five years, Freeman’s goal is to expand her business and employ some of the most talented individuals. She anticipates becoming a homeowner, having a handsome sweet man put a ring on her finger, and own a herd of some nice horses. 

Rodeo Quincy has proven herself time and time again dominating the rodeo industry in every aspect. This down-to-earth beauty displays such class and is well respected throughout the world. Her success is hard to ignore as she has made statements in and out of the arena always staying true to herself and her morals. A woman after my own heart, Quincy Freeman is not only an icon, but a reputable and respected role model not only for cowgirls, but a representation of a strong, independent, successful business woman who empowers embracing individuality and hard work in conquering goals and dreams.

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The author of the blog, California Dreamin’ (, Amy Witt’s articles have appeared in magazines and newspapers around the world. A fashionista, cowgirl and journalist, Amy strives to motivate and inspire people around the world.

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