California Dreamin' with Amy Witt

Team Roping + Fashion

with Amy Witt

Ropers Sports News is proud to introduce a new monthly column written by aspiring journalist and fashionista Amy Witt, Porterville, Calif. “Besides team roping, I eat, sleep, and breathe fashion. Not only do I have a strong sense of knowledge and education in the fashion industry, I have been active in the western/rodeo industry for more than seven years, winning national and state championship titles. I am a designer for Wrangler as well, and have an up and coming clothing line, Cowboy Fresh. Team roping and fashion is what I do!”

Amy Witt

We know our horses are strong incredible athletes who endure all of the physical work and impact. Therefore, we take the time to stretch and warm our horses up before we ride, rope or run barrels. But have you ever considered taking the time to stretch your muscles before you prepare for your next run? Tight hips, hamstrings and calves, or a sore back can affect not only our riding negatively, but our daily lives. Not only do our muscles benefit from stretching, relieving stiffness and creaky joints, while increasing blood circulation which is good for handling our ropes, research shows that our brains benefit from a stretch as well. Stretching can increase our memory, reduce the risk of Alzheimer’s, boost our mood and may even help us think clearly, making for a better performance.  

Cowboy boots are a necessity! From winning to losing, roping and cowboying, running barrels and boot scootin’, they are with us every step of the way. Knowing we cannot function without them, it is important that your cowboy boots not only look good, but fit right as well. With the new year comes new boot investments, spring fashions and a plethora of reasons to stomp the new year. And as you begin to shop for your next perfect pair, consider these tips and tricks in buying the cowboy boots that are right for you.

We can now kiss 2016 goodbye, the year filled with an abundance of happiness, sadness, ups and downs, and welcome 2017 with open arms. As January starts the new year with some rain, snow, brandings, ropings and barrel races, traveling around California this time of year is something we all are fond of. From Chowchilla to Corona, there is an array of jackpots, roping and rodeos spread across our Golden State. And while you travel, don’t forget to take advantage of the beautiful marvels California has to offer.

Since they were young buckaroos, they’ve watch the legends make their way to the National Finals, dreaming of having the opportunity to someday compete for a world championship. Now, two young cowboys have roped their way into making their dreams into a reality.