California Dreamin' with Amy Witt

Team Roping + Fashion

with Amy Witt

Ropers Sports News is proud to introduce a new monthly column written by aspiring journalist and fashionista Amy Witt, Porterville, Calif. “Besides team roping, I eat, sleep, and breathe fashion. Not only do I have a strong sense of knowledge and education in the fashion industry, I have been active in the western/rodeo industry for more than seven years, winning national and state championship titles. I am a designer for Wrangler as well, and have an up and coming clothing line, Cowboy Fresh. Team roping and fashion is what I do!”

Amy Witt

It’s the city some may anticipate and save for all year. Sin City: lights, gaming, drinking, laughing, and lots of fun. It is also the city that each December every corner is filled with cowboy hats transforming the look and feel of Vegas in a spectacular cowboy kind of way. This city hosts the baddest, coolest, and best cowboys and cowgirls from all over the world... Vegas baby! The National Finals Rodeo, where the party town shines bright like the desert sun and at night lights up the sky with neon lights and happy smiles. I have done some research to bring you some of the top eats, attractions, parties, and shops.

Weathered sunburnt noses, rattlesnakes, and dusty conditions are starting to tickle the back of our necks. Though California hardly experienced Spring, the season of hot sunny days are already creeping up on us! Despite the negativity and depression of the drought and the thought of long summer days, we can look forward to sleeping outside under the stars, longer days to rope and ride, BBQ’s with a cold brew in hand, and our wardrobes! Yes, summer fashion is upon us!

She’s a señorita. The glamorous kind; such poise and grace displayed from the top of her sombrero down to her fringed embroidered boots, so hot her beauty may burn your eyes. Dressed to kill with precise red lips and perfect cat eye eyeliner, her heart is full of God, life, rodeo, and fashion. A humble and down to earth cowgirl, Quincy Freeman is on top of her fashion game making waves across the world with her signature style and collection of boots. 

Believe it or not, spring is nearly over and it’s time to start thinking about the warm summer months ahead which entails getting up earlier to ride colts, heavily watering the arena, searching for a covered arena, or the late evening practices. While you’re stocking up on SPF, planning to BBQ some delicious eats and figuring out a way to maximize your summer Friday roping and rodeos, you should also consider your wardrobe. Thankfully, many of the trends that were in style for spring are still going to be in full force through the fall.