California Dreamin' with Amy Witt

Team Roping + Fashion

with Amy Witt

Ropers Sports News is proud to introduce a new monthly column written by aspiring journalist and fashionista Amy Witt, Porterville, Calif. “Besides team roping, I eat, sleep, and breathe fashion. Not only do I have a strong sense of knowledge and education in the fashion industry, I have been active in the western/rodeo industry for more than seven years, winning national and state championship titles. I am a designer for Wrangler as well, and have an up and coming clothing line, Cowboy Fresh. Team roping and fashion is what I do!”

Amy Witt

Believe it or not, spring is nearly over and it’s time to start thinking about the warm summer months ahead which entails getting up earlier to ride colts, heavily watering the arena, searching for a covered arena, or the late evening practices. While you’re stocking up on SPF, planning to BBQ some delicious eats and figuring out a way to maximize your summer Friday roping and rodeos, you should also consider your wardrobe. Thankfully, many of the trends that were in style for spring are still going to be in full force through the fall. 

Bismarck, North Dakota, Berger Family’s PBR Touring Pro Event, I remember walking into an autograph signing and thinking “Oh, my gosh what am I supposed to do?” I look across the room and my eyes meet a bubbly, beautiful blonde, wearing a smile from ear to ear…instantly I knew we would be friends. We knew of each other but we knew nothing about one another. As I skipped across the room, I greeted her – “Hey, you want to grab a Starbucks?”

William Shakespeare once said, “He wears his faith but as the fashion of his hat.” Confidence, faith, fashion, pride, a statement, an ensemble, a finishing touch, and even our soul. Because of this intimate relationship between mankind and hat, it’s easy to see how a cowboy hat can say so much about a person – individually telling a story about our character or life.

When it comes to cattle, horses, roping and cowboying on your family’s 10,000 acre ranch, Landon Gill, 26, from Madera, Calif., is stepping out in style and on top of his game. Winning last year’s title fight at the Dynamite Arena, dominating multiple World Series ropings with his father, David Gill, and winning well over $70,000, Landon has set high standards for 2013, striving to be successful no matter what he endeavors.