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God Loves Team Ropers!
Are You Qualified?

In roping there is a point in your run when you have to make a decision. You must decide whether your horse needs your help, or if he is going to track the steer and rate at the place where you are positioned to throw your loop. You have about a second to decide.

I was recently invited to a branding up in northern California. It was on a large old ranch that had been running cattle for over 100 years. We gathered a small field bringing in about 350 pair. After separating the calves from the mothers, we ran all the mother cows through two narrow lanes that led to a squeeze chute at the end. We were able to vaccinate 10 cows at a time in the lanes. Working the cows was easy and went smoothly.

I began my team roping with a lot of enthusiasm. The team roping bug really bit me hard. In my enthusiasm to rope there were times when I became overzealous and over-confident in my abilities. One such occasion was when one of my neighbor’s heifers got out. He and his partner had tried to get this heifer back in several times on foot but she would find a way to outrun them and escape into another field.

The Mitchell ranch, in Vale, Oregon, is full of interesting landmarks. Some are products of nature and others are man-made. One place that I remember well was a cabin in a little valley. It was called Eddie’s Cabin. It was often referred to as a point of reference when telling a story or giving directions because everyone knew where it was.

I have a practice pen at my place and we try to practice two or three times a week. If you have people you practice with on a regular basis it works out pretty well. There are those however, that want to know if they can come and rope as well as those that you have invited at other times. I try to only have one or two at a time. When they say they are coming, you count on them.