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God Loves Team Ropers!
Are You Qualified?

Anticipating the new roping season coming up, I sense the old familiar feelings starting to build up inside. The desire to rope well and win something, travel a bit, and to see people that I haven’t seen in a while. It is seeing those people that I haven’t seen for a long period of time that I have been thinking about.

I was able to watch a man in his seventies head some steers a few weeks ago. He had been roping most of his life. He headed about eight steers, turned them all to be seven or eight seconds on them. I wasn’t surprised that he caught them all, but was really surprised as the heeler came in and made clean runs and caught them all behind him. I had a chance to ask him about those runs later that day. I told him that to watch him was inspirational. He replied that tomorrow he would head for me.

Often at a roping you will hear the talk of new. “I just got a new truck” or “we just got a new trailer” or the best of all, “I just got a new horse! He or she is the real deal and we anticipate that our roping will get better and the chance of winning new will increase.”

At every roping event there seems to be one or two horses that can’t walk in the box and remain calm until the run. We have all seen it. Someone will ride in the box and try to position their horse for the run and just about the time they nod for the steer the horse will come undone. They will spin around, rear up or try to get out the back of the box. We have all ridden one of those. Aside from being very dangerous, it also messes with our concentration and our ability to get out and catch.

Last spring my wife asked me one of those questions that stops a team roper’s heart for a moment. She said “Could we go somewhere this weekend that doesnt involve roping?”