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God Loves Team Ropers!
Are You Qualified?

God Loves Team Ropers!

There was a lot of anticipation and excitement in our minds as we pulled in to Reno for the ACTRA National Finals. Then we saw the parking lot.. Wow! Trying to find a place to park your truck and trailer was a challenge. I began to think about all the things we had in common as I looked around. Diesel trucks, horse trailers, beautiful horses, saddles, tack, blankets, water buckets and people with armloads of hay looking for stalls.

This is the time of year when we all start to get a little stressed about gettng all our qualifiers in for the finals. We start checking the ACTRA website to see what our numbers look like. We try to figure out how many we have in that have not been reported yet.

I remember a few years ago when some roper friends of mine were desperate for qualifiers with time running out. They started up north in Yreka, Calif., and hit every roping between there and Salinas in one weekend to get five qualifiers in. They were really trying hard to qualify and they barely made it.