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God Loves Team Ropers!
Are You Qualified?

I recently became a huge JoJo LeMond fan. It started this summer when a friend, Robert Humphrey came and stayed at my place. He was from Texas, a team roper and a friend of JoJo’s; we roped together a lot. Near the end of the summer Robert got a call from JoJo asking him to come and help transport horses as he was trying to make the Finals.

I try to watch Total Team Roping each week. I find it very interesting getting to listen to the different instructors. These guys are the real deal. Most of them are roping at the professional level and I always learn something. I listen carefully, hoping I will pick up something from them that will help my roping.

Recently I was challenged to participate in the “No Shave November” fad. I decided that it might be fun since I hadn’t grown a beard since I was in my 30s. I am a little bothered, however, by the fact that my once nice dark brown beard has become completely gray. I found myself wondering how I would be perceived in the eyes of others. Will this make me look old, sloppy, and un­groomed?

Team roping is a humbling sport. Just when you think you are doing pretty well you can miss an easy steer so badly that you just can’t believe it. Most team ropers know this because it has happened to them at some point. It’s easy to forget, however, when you’ve been practicing and roping well, just how easy it can happen to you.

One of the terms used to describe what a horse does with the bit is “spit the bit.” This happens when a horse takes the bit and runs through it or just plain ignores it. A horse will get excited during the run and begin to shake his head and fight to get into the position they want to be, without responding to the bit or rider. They take the control out of the rider’s hand and try to do it their way.