In The Arena

Bob Feist

It has been a very wet January for the West Coast and incredible flooding which meant the moving of a lot of livestock and people to higher ground. We hope that all of you involved are doing all right and getting somewhat back to normal. The Mokelumne River, which runs through the ranch where the Ropers Sports News office is located, has been right at flood stage for some time now but is staying within the levees as of this writing. We welcomed the rain to help with the drought but weren’t quite ready for this huge onslaught at one time. Our great staff has entered up and have been doing a great job working through all the negatives of these winter storms. 

Here it is the beginning of another year and  team ropings and rodeos are already filling up everyone’s calendars. Many of us can remember when there was a “season” for roping, rodeo, barrel racing – but nowadays competition is year-round. Very little break after the champions in Las Vegas were crowned. 

My Resistol hat is off to all the producers of the many events that took place during the first two weeks of December. 

Here it is December and we are back in Las Vegas ready for another Wrangler NFR. The year has gone by quickly and has brought some changes to the line-up this year. Some of it was brought on by the Elite Rodeo Association having their first year of competition which took some of the familiar names off this year’s WNFR list. Some of the new names competing this year in the Thomas and Mack are just pure talent that have joined the ranks of the PRCA. It will be a great Finals as always and with the big money that is up for grabs some world titles will be decided this first week in December.

Fall has arrived in most states and as I write this, Finals are happening everywhere across the country. Some snowbirds have already moved camp to Arizona to partake in all of the roping opportunities available during the winter months. Yost Productions as well as Dynamite Productions are in full swing with their winter schedules offering ropings for a wide variety of ropers.