The biggest news in the team roping world this month is the purchase of the United Team Roping Championships (USTRC) by Active Interest Media and Equine Network. This is the same group that purchased the World Series of Team Roping a couple of years ago. They will be making some publication changes in the new structuring and that can be read in the press release within this issue. 

Team roping is stronger than ever at the time of this purchase and should be a positive move for all concerned. It will offer more options to the everyday team roper. The announcement was quick to note that the companies would be operated separately and not merged according to Denny Gentry who originally founded both of these companies. Gentry will oversee all roping operations until a permanent manager is named. 

Ty Yost of the National Team Roping Tour will be taking on the President’s job of the World Series of Team Roping. Yost Roping Company is an independent company and was not involved in the purchase of the USTRC. 

The new publication for team ropers will be called TEAM ROPING JOURNAL  and will replace the Super Looper and Spin to Win Magazines. As the founder of the original team roping publication, Ropers Sports News, I welcome the new publication. Ropers  Sports News was created in 1968 and has served the team roping industry since that date. At one time we were the only publication in the industry and, as time went on, many more have come and gone. It has always been our intention to keep the roper informed and to have ads that the smaller ropings could afford to advertise. Many times we thought of going to a fancier magazine publication but realized it would drive our cost up and in turn drive our ad prices up. I have admired the stepped up team roping publications and commend them on what they have offered the team roping industry. I’m looking forward to what this new publication will bring to the industry. 

I really commend our staff under the direction of Steph Anderson and Jenny Vasquez for all they do to keep RSN running and taking care of our many customers. All of the changes in the industry have been challenging over the years and it is always interesting to witness new things that evolve. When it all comes down to it, team roping is still basically heading and heeling. In the old days, most all ropings were open to the world and you roped against whomever entered on an even playing field. Over the years, many facets of roping have come along to offer a variety of ropings handicapped or specialized in some way to encourage more participation.  Many of the introduced systems have meant the survival of the industry. As we here at RSN approach our 50th anniversary, we find it interesting and fun reviewing the changes over the years.

- - - - - - - - - -

Ropings here on the West Coast seem to be really booming in all associations after the long wet winter. Spring ropings were down somewhat and a lot of that had to do with wet conditions, horses and riders out of shape and also many folks were out of work due to the long winter. Building and work in general is doing well on the West Coast and folks are once again on the road roping and trying to qualify for the many finals that will be held in the fall. 

- - - - - - - - - -

As of this writing, the High School Finals are taking place in Wyoming and kids from all over the country are there taking part in their dreams. I wish the best to all of them. I would also like to thank all of the contestants from the California High School Rodeo Association  Finals who took the time to send thank you notes to us for being a CHSRA Finals saddle sponsor. It was great to read all of your many cards and to hear your plans for the future. As a sponsor of many events, it is always nice to receive thank you cards from those who received the awards. Thank you again for your overwhelming replies and it proves to me that the CHSRA is under some good leadership from students, parents, coaches, and directors. 

- - - - - - - - - -

The rodeo trail continues to be turning fast times and paying out good money. This year is a little better on the expenses end, as fuel prices have remained fairly stable during the summer months and overall have been cheaper than the last previous years. California roads again get the award for being in the worst shape in decades. 

- - - - - - - - - -

Look for some new names at this year’s Wrangler National Finals Rodeo as in looking at the standings we are seeing some new names appearing in the top 15 and are not seeing some of the veterans from the past. The times seem to be getting faster and faster as new ropers come along and for the most part, many of the team ropers are showing good horsemanship as well as good roping ability. 

Good luck to all in the coming months and don’t forget to service your trailer and check your tires during these hot days of travel. 


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