Kevin Dias & Layton Oswald Win High Point Saddles

LIVERMORE, CALIF. – The WTRA 2016 year end Finals has once again come and gone. Still another great success. A good amount of teams came out to compete for the many great awards. It was a perfect day for roping, not too hot, not too windy, just right. The arena was perfect, as was the score. The cattle were good. Thank you Charlie and Sandy for all your hard work. We so appreciate you guys. What a beautiful place to have our Finals.

Two high point saddles were awarded. Layton Oswald won the beautiful Running P saddle for the #2.5 and under and Kevin Dias won the beautiful Running P saddle for the #3 and over. Lisa Trinidad was the high point girl and was awarded a $1,000 gift certificate from Chute Help towards a Chute Help chute. In the #5.5 and the all girl roping, beautiful Skyline Buckles were awarded to first place. #5.5 winners were Michelle McCoard and Jeremy Simonich. All Girl winners were Lisa Trinidad and Mandy Sproul. First place winners in the #8 Hdcp.  4 for $50 were Layton Oswald and Walt Rodman. They were each awarded $500 gift certificates from Ariat Boots. Winners in the #8 Hdcp. Members Only were Kyle Millington and Kevin Dias. They both were awarded medicine bags. Other great awards were given down to 4th place in each roping.

TJ McCauley was our flagger and did a great job. Thank you TJ, Sandy and her office help who kept things running smoothly. Thank you guys for a job well done.

At the end of the day there was great food down at the barn. A great day of great people, great roping, great awards and great food!

Results of the Finals ropings are as follows; payoffs are per roper:

#5.5 P1/D1: $25, 123 teams 

1st go: 1. Kyle Millington and Kevin Dias, 6.11, $115. 2. Mandi Sproul and Lorilee Niesen, 7.27, $69. 3. Jane Wood and Dillon Almason, 8.01, $46.

Average: 1. Michelle McCoard and Jeremy Simonich, 21.88, $378. 2. Thomas Lewis and Dillon Almason, 29.37, $313. 3. Donna Mahoney and Stacy Brooks, 29.38, $248. 4. Mandi Sproul and Lorilee Niesen, 31.18, $182. 5. Kelly Fonson and Tim Peltzer, 32.25, $117. 6. Jane Peltzer and Kevin Dias, 33.09, $65.

#8 P1/D1: 4 fo $50, 89 teams

1st go: 1. Summer Tex and TJ McCauley, 5.42, $174. 2. Layton Oswald and Les Oswald, 5.63, $104. 3. Eric Cozzitorto and Bo Bacigalupi, 6.05, $69.

Average: 1. Layton Oswald and Walt Rodman, 29.79, $570. 2. Layton Oswald and Les Oswald, 33.90, $472. 3. Martin Perez and Brian White, 35.83, $374. 4. Chris Darger and Kevin Dias, 36.66, $275. 5. Lisa Trinidad and Will Traeger, 36.94, $177. 6. Chris Darger and Brian White, 38.30, $98.

All Girl P1/D1: 3 for $20, 71 teams

1st go: 1. Karen Dias and Summer Tex, 7.09, $52. 2. Donna Mahoney and Stacy Brooks, 7.71, $34.

Average: 1. Lisa Trinidad and Mandi Sproul, 35.99, $145. 2. Karen Dias and Suzanne Fullerton, 40.05, $121. 3. Michele McCoard and Marilyn Brown, 44.75, $97. 4. Lisa Trinidad and Judy Parker, 47.25, $73. 5. Lisa Smith and Stacy Brooks, 22.37 on 2, $48.

#8 Hdcp. Actra Members Only P1/D1: 3 for $25, 86 teams

1st go: 1. Michele McCoard and Les Oswald, 6.62, $95. 2. Mandi Sproul and Les Oswald, 6.63, $63.

Average: 1. Kyle Millington and Kevin Dias, 19.63, $269. 2. Karen Dias and Kevin Dias, 19.79, $224. 3. Layton Oswald and Tim Peltzer, 21.37, $179. 4. Layton Oswald and Lance Harvey, 21.55, $134. 5. Chris Darger and Walt Rodman, 21.81, $90.

WTRA Year-End Standings

As Of Aug. 16, 2016

A League: 1. Karen Dias. 2. Veronica Chavez. 3. Mandy Sproul. 4. Judy Parker. 5. Markie Battaglia. 6. Barbara Kenney. 7. Donna Mahoney. 8. Brittany Dias. 9. Danell Daniel. 10. Stacey Brooks. 11. Kellie Mackin. 12. Nicole Sanders. 13. Karen Deller. 14. Kristine Baker.

B League: 1. Jane Peltzer. 2. Emily Smith. 3. Dionna Smith. 4. Mandi Mahoney. 5. Annie Ney. 6. Briana Jenney. 7. Becky Moore. 8. Sherri Burns.

C League: 1. Lisa Trinidad. 2. Keely Kirkman. 3. Suzanne Fullerton. 4. Terri Willis. 5. Brea McGrew. 6. Jeannie Cardoza. 7. Lorilee Niesen. 8. Christine Tidwell. 9. Mary Maxwell. 10. Maureen Carroll. 11. Nikki Neal, 12. Lisa Potts.

Heeler: 1. Emily Smith. 2. Mandy Sproul. 3. Danell Daniel. 4. Judy Parker. 5. Stacey Brooks. 6. Brea McGrew. 7. Jeannie Cardoza. 8. Jillian Murray. 9. Lorilee Niesen. 10. Suzanne Fullerton. 11. Maureen Carroll. 12. Veronica Chavez. 13. Christine Tidwell. 14. Kristine Baker.

Rookie: 1. Christine Darger. 2. Barrie Molina. 3. Anne Brett. 4. Jillian Murray. 5. Laurie Black. 6. Tyra James. 7. Beth McCaslin.

The Women’s Team Roping Association (WTRA) is open to female ropers from California, Nevada and Oregon.  Standings are determined by money won throughout the year, at any team roping competition. Win sheets showing your earnings for each roping are mailed in by you to the WTRA Secretary.

There are five divisions; A, B and C Leagues, Heeling and Rookie. First year members are Rookies and are placed in Leagues the second year based on money won the previous year.

For more information, contact Donna Mahoney (707) 275-2580 or Lisa Duncan (805) 459-2654 or go to the official publication and website of WTRA, www.ropers­

Karen Dias (holding saddle) was the year-end A League champion, congratulated by members of the WTRA board.

C League year-end winner was Lisa Trinidad receiving her saddle from Kellie Mackin.

Rookie League year-end winner was Christine Darger (l), receiving her saddle from Donna Mahoney and Dionna Smith.

High point #3 & over roper on the day of the WTRA Finals was Kevin Dias. Presenting are members of the WTRA.

High point #2.5 & under roper on the day of the WTRA Finals was Layton Oswald. Presenting are Kellie Mackin, Donna Mahoney, Lisa Smith and Dionna Smith.

Winners of the #5.5 were Michelle McCoard and Jerermy Simonich.