Higher Calling

Bob Ow With Bob Ow

Recently, after a sermon in church, my wife, Jo Anna, got up and spoke to the congregation. She stated that she could not figure out how she got through the recent months of worry, stress and work and realized that it was the thoughts and prayers of many and not the hand of man. Has that happened to you as well?

As I heard the P.A. announcement in the hospital, it said “code blue room 244.” I knew that code blue meant the patient had some kind of cardiac emergency or stroke or seizure, or another type of emergency requiring immediate attention to keep the patient alive. I was recovering from a brain surgery operation done on May 23, 2023, to remove a malignant tumor. Previous to getting the operation I had gone through several seizures out of nowhere. After the MRI and CT scan it was determined that I needed the operation. I quickly found out that just because the operation was successful and I was symptom free, it did not necessarily mean that all would be well. I had asked my nurses what code blue meant and found out that it was very serious.

It has been my experience that people generally find what they are looking for. As a Christian, I naturally look for God’s provision and promises in everyday life.

As the fable goes, an old Indian chief had just become a Christian. After awhile he was approached by others and asked what it was like. The chief answered that it was like a fight between a black dog (representing the dark side of life) and a white dog (representing the good side of life) When asked which dogs wins, he replied “the one that you feed the most.”