Higher Calling

Bob Ow With Bob Ow

The cowboy stood in front of the congregation of the large church obviously uncomfortable. He was requesting help for the Youth for Christ Horse Camp coming up in a few weeks. They needed wranglers and assorted other volunteers. I knew in my heart that I was supposed to be there. I volunteered

At this time in the Spring of 2008 I had not ridden a horse in over 30 years. Except for a “nose to tail” pony ride on the beach in Oahu. I quickly made arrangements to take up a friend on his offer to ride his horse. It wasn’t like riding a bicycle. I did forget. It felt awkward and I just didn’t feel balanced very well. I relearned how to saddle a horse and tie a slip knot for the lead rope. Tacking up a horse and teaching the kids at the Horse Camp was all I would be doing.