Women's Team Roping AssociationThe goal and purpose of the Women’s Team Roping Association, WTRA, is to provide a competitive association for women that will allow ALL eligible women team ropers to compete within their skill levels for quality prizes. It is open to female residents of California, Nevada and Oregon.

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The WTRA was created and established by Barbara Kenney at a roping event put on by the Riverside Rancheros (Riverside, Calif.) in 1980.

The new season for the Women’s Team Roping Association (WTRA) is underway. The association is open to female ropers residing in California, Oregon and Nevada. WTRA standings are determined by money won, throughout the year, at any team roping competition. Win sheets showing your earnings for each roping are mailed in by you to the WTRA Secretary.

There are five divisions; A, B and C Leagues, Heeling and Rookie. First year members are Rookies and are placed in Leagues the second year based on money won the previous year.

At year-end, saddles are awarded to the winner of each League, buckles to reserve in each league, top 10 awards in each league, etc.

Most ropings advertised in an eligible publication, taking place in CA, NV, OR, or AZ will count towards the standings. It doesn’t matter who you win the money with, male or female, it counts! Example: USTRC, World Series of Team Roping, ACTRA, WCRA, R4R, jackpots, etc.

Exceptions: Winnings from any national finals team roping, in any state, in any association and rodeos, will not count.

For more information, contact Donna Mahoney (707) 275-2580 or Lisa Duncan (805) 459-2654 or go to the official publication and website of WTRA www.roperssportsnews.com

WTRA Current Standings as of March 22, 2017:
A League: 1. Jane Peltzer. 2. Veronica Chavez. 3. Mandy Sproul. 4. Karen Dias. 5. Markie Battaglia. 6. Dionna Smith. 7. Barbara Kenney. 8. Christine Darger. 9. Stacey Brooks. 10. Emily Smith. 11. Nicole Sanders. 12. Judy Parker.

B League: 1. Barrie Molina. 2. Lisa Trinidad. 3. Donna Mahoney. 4. Kellie Mackin. 5. Brittany Dias. 6. Mandy Mahoney. 7. Lisa Smith.

C League: 1. Christine Tidwell. 2. Anne Brett. 3. Brea McGrew. 4. Lorilee Niesen. 5. Jillian Murray. 6. Beth McCaslin. 7. Terri Willis. 8. Lisa Potts.

Heeler: 1. Carol Johnson. 2. Christine Tidwell. 3. Brea McGrew. 4. Lorilee Niesen. 5. Jillian Murray. 6. Veronica Chavez. 7. Stacey Brooks. 8. Markie Battaglia. 9. Emily Smith. 10. Mandy Sproul. 11. Marilyn Brown. 12. Christine Darger. 13. Lisa Trinidad.

Rookie: 1. Carol Johnson. 2. Michele McCoard. 3. Wendy Hudson. 4. Marilyn Brown.