Team ropings and rodeos are back in full swing as we enter the Spring of 2022. It is nice to see things opening up after a shaky couple of years with all of the COVID restrictions. As of this writing, I am in Arizona for many of the ropings going on throughout the state. The Mike Cervi Jr. Memorial Roping will be held in Casa Grande again this year under the production of George Aros and company. George has done a great job in adding many other ropings in conjunction with the Cervi roping which gives any roper a chance to rope either with the pros in the Pro Am or in any of the other ropings being offered.

  Rancho Rio in Wickenburg is again hosting many ropings throughout the winter months along with other areas in that vicinity. This is the month where many of the seasonal ropers start heading out of Arizona and back to their home states. It will be fun to be down there in time to catch some of those seasonal ropers and catch up on old times.
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The month of March will find me at the Lazy E Arena for the famed Timed Event Championships where again 20 of the best timed event cowboys will battle it out over five performances and 25 head of competition to see who this year’s champion will be. Make your plans now to attend this great event March 10-12. The Lazy E Arena will once again host the Bob Feist Invitational presented by Yeti on April 2. As always, the BFI week will host many other great events prior to and after the BFI, so make your plans to attend this year’s BFI week in Oklahoma.

All team ropers in the State of California need to be aware of an ordinance being proposed by the Los Angeles City Council to ban rodeos in the city. The way it is being proposed it will reach many other events using livestock within competition. Please read the following information provided by the California (Salinas) Rodeo. Scan the QR code on this page and make a public comment on why this should not happen. It would affect many of the arenas in the Los Angeles area and people in our Western way of life need to voice their comments to the city council.

It is time to act to preserve rodeos and many other events that are part of our western heritage. The Los Angeles City Council is pushing an ordinance forward to ban rodeos in Los Angeles. The language is broad and will reach into other areas that impact the western way of life and other events that include livestock. We need our voices to be heard; we cannot stand back and hope for the best. Please act today by leaving a respectful comment opposing the rodeo equipment ban with the LA City Council.

It matters to all of us. The ban was initiated by animal rights extremists and even though you may not live in, nor is there a rodeo in LA, you should care and show your concern by taking action because if this ban passes it will become precedence that will be taken to Sacramento, across the state of California, to Oregon, Washington, rural areas like Dallas, Austin, San Antonio and eventually lead to a federal ban on rodeos and other equestrian events. Contestants, Charros, Committees, fans/supporters, personnel, farmers, ranchers, and anyone invested in (or who loves) the western way of life needs to comment and share.


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