In The Arena

Bob Feist

The Wrangler National Finals is just around the corner and this year’s team roping roster will include four new team ropers (two headers and heelers) who will be making their first appearance at the Thomas and Mack Arena. For a while it looked like Tom Richards would be there as a rookie heading for Cesar de la Cruz, but they have both been moved out of the top 15.

Just got back from the 37th Bob Feist Invitational held Monday, June 23, in Reno, Nevada, and, wow, what a great roping this year on a lot stronger pen of cattle than last year.

It is a lot different for me these days, as I can actually watch the roping, as before when I was producing the event I was very occupied making sure all was going smoothly.

Spring is here and the rodeos and ropings on the West Coast are in full swing. Even though there has been a severe drought here in California, things look pretty green in the northern part of the state. 

Wow, what a spring it has been for team roping and other rodeo events. Contestants and fans have had a great two months to compete or watch some of the best in the arenas across the USA. From the winter rodeos to all of the ropings in Arizona it has been a busy season in what used to be kind of a slack time in the industry.