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By Tammy Hoskins

SALINAS, CALIF.  – The 19th Annual Doyle W. Hoskins Memorial Team Roping and 17th Annual Barrel Race were held July 15th & 16th at the Monterey County Sheriff Posse Grounds.
  After putting on the Doyle W. Hoskins Memorial for 19 years you would think it would be easy and simple, but we are usually completely exhausted by the end of the weekend. The roping was literally done at 1:30am and time only’s for the barrel race started at 7:30am the following morning. Darrick Hoskins and Sheanna DeForest did not even get a chance to sleep at all. I got a little less than two hours. Don’t get me wrong, we love doing it in memory of a great man, so not complaining. We love being able to celebrate Doyle’s life this way. He was so passionate about roping, riding, family, friends, and life.
  The roping on Saturday ran amazing thanks to our efficient office crew Elly Leslie, Romey Stuhaan, Heather Kennedy, and Sheanna DeForest. Thank you to Todd Utterback and Blaine Lockett for flagging all day. The roping takes a lot of manpower to keep it going. Thank you to Dustin Thompson, Monroe Hoskins, CJ DeForest, Frankie Eubanks, Sabby Pemberton, Dwain Pemberton, Macias Family, the Escobar Family, and Twister Hurley for stepping in and helping out. Thanks Eric Cozzitorto for bringing us great cattle this year. Thank you Geary Lyons for providing hay for the cattle.
  The ground for the barrel race Sunday was fantastic! Thank you Darrick Hoskins for preparing the ground for us, it was superb. Also thanks to Jesse Brown for bringing in your tractors to make the drags faster and more efficient. Thanks to Greg Fleming for driving the second tractor during the race. A special shout out to Sheanna DeForest and Patti Silva for all your help with announcing, taking entries, running the office, doing the draws, and making sure everything ran smoothly for the race. We would also like to thank Colleen Hill, Michelle Petersen, Maddie Petersen, Matt Mullins, McKenna Wood, Sherry Morris, and Gina Aubrey for working the gate and setting barrels.
  This event would not be possible without our generous sponsors Serv Aero Engineering, Kolor King, Johnson Associates, Sunlite Auto Glass, Best Ever Pads, Cal Auto Tire, Dentpro of Salinas, My Automotive Group, Ropes Galore, Monterey County Sheriff Posse, and Scott Thomas Saddlery.
  A total of 847 teams competed for the prestigious awards. Winners of the #7 Handicap Pick & Draw received Skyline knives dedicated to Colin Coady, winners of the Open Draw Pot received halters dedicated to Jim Rodriguez Sr. The Junior, Senior, Mixed, Century winners received Skyline Vaquero buckles dedicated to Pat Deaton. The #9 Handicap Pick & Draw winners received a Skyline Vaquero back cinch with buckles.
  Our high money winners Lane Karney #3.5 & Over and  Doyle Hoskins #3 & Under received fully tooled Scott Thomas saddles. Our second high money winners Ethan Garcia #3.5 & Over and George Dellis #3 & Under received Skyline Vaquero Buckles. Third high money winners Nolan Scott #3.5 & Over and McKenna Wood #3 & Under won Scott Thomas breastcollars. Our Best Ever Saddle Pad winners were Monty Jo Petska, Braydee Bourdet, and Cheyenne Rey.
  The barrel race had $2,000 in added money. Each 4D Division winner received a Skyline Vaquero buckle, second place received a Jody Reese Halters, and third place received a Jody Reese picture frame (dedicated to Ruth Haislip). This year the junior division winners also received Skyline Vaquero buckles. The futurity winners received Jody Reese halters and our senior winners received chairs customized by Nicole Buck. Pee Wee Barrel Race winners were awarded with Skyline Vaquero buckles, in addition Outlaw Barrel Racing donated buckles which were given to second and thirdplace in the Pee Wee categories.
Dummy Roping Results:
Ages 6 to 9: 12 entries
1. Waylon Bobshoff, Vaquero buckle. 2. Waylon Fanning. 3. Cassidy Cozzitorto.
5 & Under: 11 entries
1. Axel Cozzitorto, Vaquero buckle. 2. Coleman Farr. 3. Cade DeForest.
#7 Handicap Pick & Draw (Dedicated to Colin Coady): 3 for $40, 398 teams.
1st go: 1. Adrian Macias Sr. and Kyle Lockett 5.36, $730. 2. Jake Raine and Cody Hall 5.81 $545. 3. Nolan Scott and Stoney Boy Joseph 5.82, $365. 4. Nolan Scott and Colby Smith 6.39 $180.
Average: 1. Ethan Garcia and Doyle Hoskins 21.86, $1,820. 2. Pierce Wold and George Dellis 22.04, $1,460. 3. Nolan Scott and Stoney Boy Joseph 22.71, $1,090. 4. Danny Nuno and Tyson Perez 24.80, $875. 5. Sophia Patino and Billy Jay Aviles 24.82, $730. 6. Braydee Bourdet and Monty Jo Petska 25.04, $580. 7. Andy Holcomb and Gary Ford 25.72, $435. 8. Wyatt Bourdet and Brandon Pettitt 26.19, $290.
Open Draw Pot (Dedicated to Jim Rodriguez Sr): 3 for $40, 182 teams.
1st go:  1. Ryan Bettencourt and CJ DeForest 5.82, $435. 2. Jake Raine and Chris Wooten 5.85, $260. 3. Jake Raine and Jake Bourdet 6.04, $175.
Average: 1. Lane Karney and Chris Wooten 19.80, $1,040. 2. Colt Cowden and Kyle Lockett 21.67, $870. 3. Lane Lowry and Gary Ford 22.42, $695. 4. Justin Wood and Daniel Rice 23.32, $520. 5. Mitch Bourdet and Monty Jo Petska 23.48, $345.
JR/SR, Mixed, Century #6 Handicap (Dedicated to Pat Deaton):  3 for $40, 189 teams.
1st go: 1. CJ DeForest and Frank Perez 5.47, $420. 2. Steve Smith and Brent Lockett 6.10, $320. 3. Tyson Perez and Frank Perez 6.46, $235.
Average: 1. McKenna Wood and Joey Acevedo 23.31, $1,135. 2. Billy Butler and Walt Rodman 23.32, $940. 3. Cheyenne Rey and Jeff Cabral 23.36, $745 4. Lane Lowry and Tucker Alexander 24.06, $545. 5. Liz Hirdes and Andy Holcomb 24.25, $350. 6. Larry Branco and Cliff Garrison 25.09, $195.
#9 Handicap Pick & Draw:  3 for $40, 78 teams.
1st go: 1. Lane Karney and Chase Helton 5.06, $175. 2. Mike Christansen and Talan Petska 5.10, $115.
Average: 1. Lane Karney and Chase Helton 20.39, $665. 2. Lane Karney and Monty Jo Petska 20.60 $495. 3. Doyle Hoskins and Colby Smith 24.41, $330. 4. Brad Eppler and Jake Bourdet 24.43, $165.

Pee Wee Barrel Racing Leadline:  17 entries
1. Monroe Peterson 26.341, Vaquero buckle. 2. Hazel Souza 27.426, Outlaw buckle. 3. Cade DeForest 31.994, Outlaw buckle
Pee Wee: 12 entries
1. Shiloh DeForset 22.618, Vaquero Buckle; Salem Stornetta 22.895, Outlaw buckle. 3. Tessa David 23.344, Outlaw buckle
Junior Barrel Racing: 53 Entries
1D: 1. Leighton Goerdt on Dotts Grace 18.134, $193. 2. Emma Unruh on EverybodyCallMeSir 18.230, $148. 3. Cali Clark on Bear 18.233, $108. 2D: 1. Averi Mendonsa on Pepto Smoke 18.669, $168. 2. Kaitlyn Porter on Captain 18.771, $129. 3. Rachel Kelleher on First Class Machine 18.782, $94. 3D: 1. Page Wheatley on Sonic Roc Kit 19.155, $132. 2. Maile Maddox on Scootie 19.181, $102. 3. Reagan Petersen on Roan 19.229, $74. 4D: 1. Kelsey Joaquin on Brandi 20.214, $108. 2. Madison Garza on IBA Red Hot Dream 20.220, $83. 3. Maycee Mullins on Jack 20.353, $60.
Open Barrel Racing: 226 entries.
1D: 1. Sherrie Jones on JR Streaking Espuela 17.288, $962. 2. Allie Howard on Bushwhacking Cat 17.554, $795. 3. Michelle Silva on JF Johnnys Famous 17.671, $711. 4. Mary Jo Camera on Fairlea Lucky Gun 17.681, $586. 5. Stacy Hampton on Flaming Star Tari 17.684, $460; 6th Deeana Horner on Strait Cash Homie 17.700, $293. 7. Brittany Moore on Easy Offset Jet 17.719, $209. 8. Michelle Silva on Canelo 17.755, $167.
2D: 1st Rachel Magdaleno on Ruby 17.814, $842. 2. Alyssa Brown on Oh Bar Sonora 17.863, $696. 3. Jenna Holtzinger on IdLoveToLay­YouDown,  17.906, $622. 4. Shelby Sullivan on Cashin n Chex 17.915, $513. 5. Paloma Alvarado on Exclusively Dry 17.918, $403. 6. Arabella Cook on Charge It To Serrina 17.935, $256. 7. Lacey Lockard on Rocket Like A G6 17.936, $183. 8. Lindsey Stornetta on Eyema Royal Lady 17.954, $146.
3D: 1. Cynthia Diane Williamson on GBA Impressive Command 18.298, $661. 2. Tracy Ash on Lion In The Sticks 18.306, $546. 3. Michaela Espy on Hay Alice Haypatch 18.321, $489. 4. Katie Pascoe on JR Dark Scarlett 18.334, $403. 5. Blair Brown on CSR Top Cat 18.348, $316. 6. Tyree Cochrane on Frenchman’s Super Six 18.354, $201. 7. Lindsey Stornetta on LJ Darlin Frenchman 18.362, $144. 8. Meghan Souza on Dash Ta Starbucks 18.364, $115.
4D: 1. Holly Gates on Dentantor Sparks 19.306, $541. 2. Maddie Berlanga on Kidd 19.330, $447. 3. Kimberlee Warner on Jess Being A Spark 19.341, $400. 4. Jennifer Burke on Bedazzling Cayucas 19.345, $329. 5. Karly Camozzi on Clarence 19.358, $259. 6./7. Mary Jo Camera on VF Moonshine 19.381, $142. and Bristol Harris on Stevie 19.381, $142; 8. Jessica Wilson on Frankly ImOverBudget 19.385, $94.

Senior Side Pot Barrel Race:  24 Entries
1D: 1. Sherrie Jones on JR Streaking Espuela 17.288, $113. 2. Mary Jo Camera on Fairlea Lucky Gun 17.681, $75. 2D: 1. Shannon Shade on Strippin Six Gears 18.125, $103. 2. Carrie Kevie on Stairway to Jewels 18.181, $69. 3D: 1. Julie Doell on Jackson Junior 18.430, $81. 2. Jennifer Dyer on Docs Little Rocker 18.498, $54. 4D: 1. Mary Jo Camera on VF Moonshine 19.381, $66. 2. Gina Aubrey on Firewaterstreakin 19.406, $44.

Futurity Side Pot Barrel Race: 23 Entries
1D: 1. Michelle Silva on JF Johnnys Famous 17.671, $239. 2. Kay Cochran on Sheza Smooth Eddie 17.999, $159. 2D: 1. Cheri Kelly on Dragginfly to Fame 18.724, $160. 2. Kay Cochran on Famous Cocoa Fire 18.862, $106.
This year we were able to keep the tradition going and were able to give away $3,000 in scholarships. Congratulations to this year’s CHSRA District 4 recipients Cody French, Matthew Mateo Norman and Rylee Roberts. Through the years we have given away over $48,000 in scholarship money and we hope to be able to continue the tradition. See you all next year!