• Ariat WSTR Shatters Event Record With $18M+ Cash Payout

    The Ariat World Series of Team Roping concluded nine record-breaking days of competition, running December 9-17 at the South Point Equestrian Center in Las Vegas. Winning the #8.5 Apex Finale were Charlie Robbins and Billy Resor. Click photo for complete story.

  • Pacific Coast Shootouts Rings In The New Year

    Pacific Coast Shootouts ushered in the new year in Sanger, California and also held December ropings in Paso Robles and Sanger. High money winners on New Year's Day in Sanger were John Stamper (l), Adrian Macias and Billy Kissack. Click photo for full story...

  • Average Joe Finals Held At Madonna Inn

    Lane Karney (r) and Jason Johe won the Average Joe Open roping for $1,000 plus Average Joe jackets, BullKelp bedrolls, Resistol hat certificates and Best Ever pads. Click photo for full story...

  • Gold Buckles For Wade & Thorp; Average Crowns For Begay & Todd

    Wesley Thorp and Tyler Wade take a victory lap after winning the the gold buckles in team roping at the Wrangler NFR (PRCA ProRodeo Photo by Hailey Rae). Click photo for full story

R4R Productions produced a World Series of Team Roping event held on Sept. 28 in Norco, Calif.

Results are as follows:

#13 WSTR: 72 teams.

Average: 1st. Adrian Ramirez and Nate Preuit, 35.59, $6,900. 2nd. Johnny Smith and Brock Andrus, 36.54, $5,180. 3rd. Clint Bedoya and Brandon Bedoya, 37.14, $3,460. 4th. Craig Wisner and Oakley Baker, 37.79, $1,740.

#12 WSTR: 92 teams.

Average: 1st. Steve Davison and Scott Perez, 40.43, $8,840. 2nd. Ben Renteria and Jesse Vasquez, 40.85, $6,620. 3rd. Mike Pyeatt and Mike Silveira, 42.26, $4,420. 4th. Reed Rider and Jon Tracy, 42.68, $2,200.

#11 WSTR: 77 teams.

Average: 1st. Lacy Songer and Gary Gist, 42.87, $7,400. 2nd. Ashley Hagens and Charlie Hagens, 46.54, $5,540. 3rd. Chris Stafford and Taylor Winters, 48.19, $3,700. 4th. Walt Scott and Shane Barmby, 49.85, $1,840.

#10 WSTR: 105 teams.

Average: 1st. Roger Coons and Bret Neyman, 42.64, $8,470. 2nd. Lacy Songer and Tim Boyd, 43.33, $6,050. 3rd. Neil Forgues and Gregory Gonzales, 44.00, $4,600. 4th. Dalton Curley and Monte Schvaneveldt, 45.22, $3,380. 5th. Chris Stafford and Taylor Winters, 52.25, $1,700.

Fast time: Chad Dashnaw and Clay Lilley, 12.72, $1,000.

#9 WSTR: 124 teams.

Average: 1st. Travis Ratliff and John Richardson, 38.76, $10,060. 2nd. Pepe Machado and Bud Ames, 52.25, $7,190. 3rd. Steve Clelland and Jason Pierce, 54.36, $5,470.

#12 WSTR winners Steve Davison and Scott Perez

#11 WSTR winners Lacy Songer and Gary Gist

#10 WSTR winners Bret Neyman and Roger Coons

#9 WSTR winners Travis Ratliff and John Richardson