I try to watch Total Team Roping each week. I find it very interesting getting to listen to the different instructors. These guys are the real deal. Most of them are roping at the professional level and I always learn something. I listen carefully, hoping I will pick up something from them that will help my roping.

Recently, Patrick Smith was on TTR. He began talking and demonstrating how some people practice wrong. As he went through several examples of the different ways that people practice wrong, I realized that some of the improper practice habits that he was describing, that really didn’t help you improve your roping, were some of the very things I was doing.

It’s really discouraging to know how hard you’ve been practicing and that many of the ways you have been practicing have done more harm than good. I think of the hours I’ve thrown ropes at the dummy, thinking I’m going to be ready for the next roping, only to find that I’ve not improved. It’s hard to admit that I have been practicing wrong when I’ve spent so much time and effort.

Recently, I had the privilege of speaking to a family who had just lost a loved one. The one who had passed away had been a life-long cowboy. He had been a bull rider for years and had lived a very successful life. By his own testimony, he said that his greatest accomplishment came when in a motel room one night, he found a Bible. After looking up and reading the verses in the back, he made a decision to ask Jesus to come into his life. He admitted he was a sinner and, by saying a simple prayer, he committed his life to Christ.

When I was asked to speak to the family, I shared that having a relationship with the Lord was a life of faith, to admit that you are a sinner in need of a Savior. I said He knows and loves each of us and He is waiting for us to come to Him. He gave His life on the cross for us in order that we would be free from sin. I explained how their loved one had given his life to the Lord in a prayer of faith and lived a powerful life of faith.

I had barely gotten these words out of my mouth when one lady in the group said, “We just have to try harder. We just have to be nicer to people and be good people. I’m a good person and I try to treat everyone good.” This sounded good and I’m sure she practiced hard at it, but she was practicing wrong. Her mind was definitely not open to a life of faith.

Living right starts by practicing right. It begins simply by admitting that you are a sinner. It means understanding that we are separated from a Holy God because of the sin in our life. It’s believing that God sent His only son to be punished for our sins and that by believing in Him we would receive eternal life with Him. What a great gift!

Practicing right, means to commit to follow Him, for your whole life. You will really improve your game. Rope great and practice right!

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