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California Dreamin' with Amy Witt

Team Roping + Fashion

with Amy Witt

Ropers Sports News is proud to introduce a new monthly column written by aspiring journalist and fashionista Amy Witt, Porterville, Calif. “Besides team roping, I eat, sleep, and breathe fashion. Not only do I have a strong sense of knowledge and education in the fashion industry, I have been active in the western/rodeo industry for more than seven years, winning national and state championship titles. I am a designer for Wrangler as well, and have an up and coming clothing line, Cowboy Fresh. Team roping and fashion is what I do!”

Amy Witt

Erica Krantz

Recipes by Erica Krantz

I've always loved to cook! Trying different meals, either from magazine clippings or friend’s family recipes, my motto is "I'll always cook it once, if you don't like it, I'm sure my dogs will!" My mother taught me the basics of cooking, the rest I've picked up from watching a million cooking shows and reading tons of cookbooks. But what I love the most is seeing the look on my friends' faces when I hand them their plate and they take that first bite!

Bob Feist

Speed Williams

with Allen Bach

Vet's View Dr Galley roping with Clay Cooper

Roper's Sports News is proud to announce the welcome addition of a monthly column, Vet's View by Dr. Richard H. Galley.

Richard H. Galley, DVM graduated from Colorado State University with a degree as Doctor of Veterinary Medicine in 1965. After serving in Vietnam, he practiced veterinary medicine on major racetracks from 1968 until 1993. He now has a clinical equine practice limited to the equine athlete in Willow Park, Texas.

Dr. Galley is a member of the American Veterinary Medical Assoc., and the Texas Veterinary Medical Assoc. He has presented professional papers and held seminars at various conferences over the years, as well as being a contributing author in equine industry publications.

Dr. Galley has also competed in professional team roping competitions throughout the south-western United States from 1967 to 2007.

Kip Holbrook - Faith Faith

God Loves Team Ropers!
Are You Qualified?

Jim Olson

My Cowboy Heroes

CHSRA District 3 Logo Grace has been with CHSRA District 3 for four years – three in junior high and is in her first year in high school. She was the 2013 Jr. Division State Champion in Girls Breakaway.
Grace has been with CHSRA District 3 throughout junior high and high school. She was the 2013 Jr. Division State Champion in Girls Breakaway.

Devin Griffith

Devin Griffith is currently a junior at Oklahoma State University, studying Agricultural Communications with a minor in Animal Science. Growing up in Williams, California, she spent time with her family traveling to different jackpots and rodeos, where some of her best memories were made. Following graduation in Spring 2022, Devin hopes to either work for a livestock pharmaceutical company as a sales rep, or as a communications specialist for an agriculturally based company.

Bob Ow With Bob Ow