Life is an amazing journey and you never know what lies ahead. At this writing I find myself in a huge transition. I have sold my little ranch and have purchased a larger one in the state of Arkansas. It all came about at a rapid pace once things were set in motion. Our home had been on the market for two years previously. However, we were unable to sell, so we had begun to give up on that idea. In the meantime, my daughter and son-in-law were transferred to Arkansas and some close friends moved there as well.

Our place was no longer on the market when we received a call from a family visiting our area from Wisconsin. They wanted to know if they could stop by and take a quick look that day. With reservation, we said they could, as it was their last day in town. They seemed to like it and a few days later we received a good offer. Determined now more than ever and having a buyer for our home, we flew back again to Arkansas to search for a ranch. We were in search of one that would have a nice home and usable acreage we could both agree on. In a few short days we found one and life has been a blur ever sense.

God’s timing is incredible. While we were trying to make this all happen on our own we continued to run into roadblocks and disappointments. We decided to put this whole move idea into His hands by praying and asking Him to take over the lead and guide us. Once we surrendered the whole situation to Him, things began to happen fast. It’s been fun to sit back and watch as all the details have fallen into place.

Having a personal relationship with God and trusting Him with everything is an amazing journey. I’m not saying that I have it all together and that I always trust and believe. I still have a desire to take the reins and run things myself out of habit, but the more I trust Him the easier and better life becomes. The apostle Paul said it this way in Phillipians 3:14 “But one thing I do, I forget about the past and I press forward to the goal to win the prize for which God called me heavenward in Christ Jesus.” I continue to press forward into this new adventure.

This is Article of Faith number 50 and it will be my last, at least for now. I have been so pleased to be able to write so many articles. I wasn’t a writer and never thought I could write well, but it has been fun to be able to share my view from the saddle, with all of you. I’ve put much thought and time into these articles hoping they would be interesting, a blessing and have a meaningful message for those who read them.

Many of you have written me with encouraging notes of blessings through reading a story. Others have asked for personal prayer. On many occasions I have people I’ve never seen before ride up to me and say they enjoy the articles. It’s been a blessing to get to meet so many of you through these writings. If you’ve never commented back and always said you would, please do. I was asked to compile all my stories into a book of short stories and I may do that soon. Until then remember “God Loves Team Ropers!” Press on into your amazing journey with greater faith in Christ. Rope great!

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