Weathered sunburnt noses, rattlesnakes, and dusty conditions are starting to tickle the back of our necks. Though California hardly experienced Spring, the season of hot sunny days are already creeping up on us! Despite the negativity and depression of the drought and the thought of long summer days, we can look forward to sleeping outside under the stars, longer days to rope and ride, BBQ’s with a cold brew in hand, and our wardrobes! Yes, summer fashion is upon us!

When it comes to dressing for the hot season, we like to keep it simple!

Denim on denim is my ultimate fave! My first World Series Team Roping I entered, I wore a light-washed Gap denim button down with pearl snaps that I thrifted and a pair of dark washed True Religions paired with a big statement necklace. Denim on demin looks classy and is functional for both men and women. Whether you are day working or entered in a rodeo or roping, a denim button down with your favorite pair of denim jeans tucked in with your favorite belt and buckle looks polished. Depending on the denim shirt you choose, denim can be light yet durable and keep you cool while provide protection with whatever you are doing. Chambray is always an option as well.

Plaid, gingham, and checkers are making waves off and on the runway, in and around the rodeo world. From tiny black and white checks to bigger sized gingham patterns with red and blue options, you will look good picking up your checks wearing checkers! Wrangler sells some nice, lightweight button downs with pearl snaps for men and women.

Sunglasses are a must have! This season sunglasses come in all shapes, colors, and sizes. Have fun with them!

In my book, turquoise is always fabulous. There is an abundance of turquoise hitting mainstream fashion. Companies like Ariat and Justin are showcasing boot designs with turquoise leather tops, turquoise stitching and embroidery. Cowgirls can spice up any outfit by throwing on turquoise jewelry.

Floral prints are taking over a prevailing statement in fashion trends for summer. Florals add a refreshing appeal to one’s presence while companies are providing endless option of materials and styles.

While choosing the right attire, don’t forget accessories and your cowboy hat. Trade in that old black hat for a nice straw or silver belly which also will keep you cooler. Remember, don’t sacrifice style for comfort. This summer, it’s good to look new!

The author of the blog, California Dreamin’ (, Amy Witt’s articles have appeared in magazines and newspapers around the world. A fashionista, cowgirl and journalist, Amy strives to motivate and inspire people around the world.

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