In The Arena

Bob Feist

The biggest news in the team roping world this month is the purchase of the United Team Roping Championships (USTRC) by Active Interest Media and Equine Network. This is the same group that purchased the World Series of Team Roping a couple of years ago. They will be making some publication changes in the new structuring and that can be read in the press release within this issue. 

It was a great week in Reno for the Wrangler BFI Week produced by Ullman-Peterson Events. The BFI was good watching with big strong cattle supplied by Rowly Twisselman over the long 18’ foot score. The short go was one of the best ever with the top 15 coming back to rope their sixth steer. 

The teams that came in the 1, 2 and 3 positions held on to stay in the same place after roping their sixth steer. I never like to see the lead teams have trouble in the short round.

Here it is already June and BFI time is upon us with a full week of roping in the Reno, Nevada area. If you are a team roper, you should be making your plans now to attend this year’s Bob Feist Invitational on Monday June 19th at the Reno Livestock Events Center. It is a day when you can come and see some of the best in the team roping world compete under tough conditions (fresh cattle and a long score) for the coveted Bob Feist Invitational title. This is the 40th anniversary of this event and the producers have gone above and beyond to make this year’s roping memorable to the ropers as well as the fans. The BFI lets one go watch the skills of the best over a long score with bigger hard running cattle. This year, the Wrangler BFI Week will feature many other ropings over a four-day period in the Reno Livestock Events Center all in conjunction with the Reno Rodeo which is one of the richest rodeos in the PRCA.

Sorry I haven’t had a column these past couple of months, with the main reason being that my ranch has been threatened by high water for the past 90 days and at one time it looked like we might have had to evacuate. Thank the good Lord that didn’t happen and hopefully with the His help, we will get by all of this snow melt and enjoy a nice summer. As many of you know, the main Ropers Sports News office is located on the ranch next to the Mokelumns River.