In The Arena

Bob Feist

 This past month has been saddened with many losses in our circles of Ropers Sports News. Don Reynolds, father of long-time General Manager of RSN, Stephanie Anderson, passed away at age 87. Don was such a big help to us here at RSN over the years in times of emergencies, even offering us an office within his packing business, M&R Company, Lodi, Calif. In 1986 during a big flood in our area, he helped us move in and out of town and let us use his office as our homebase until it was safe to come back to our office location. He was always a great one to confide in whether it be fun or business. I owe him much for loaning me his daughter over the years to run my businesses. He trained all his daughters well. Don enjoyed duck hunting and fishing. He had been in the packing business with his cousin Rocky since the 60’s. Rocky passed in 2013. The Reynolds cousins were very generous to youth organizations including FFA, 4-H and high school rodeo. 

The rodeo industry has been in the news a lot lately with discussions regarding the Elite Rodeo Association (ERA) and PRCA. The PRCA prevailed in a case February 4 when a judge ruled in favor of the PRCA. This in turn disallowed the cowboys of the ERA to compete in PRCA rodeos. This dispute might go on for some time and I hope some type of happy medium can be reached by both organizations. There is so much talent involved in the rodeo world that I hate to not see them compete any chance they get. I have tried not to take sides on this issue but I have always liked it when something new comes along in the world of rodeo and team roping. I think back to all of the now existing organizations that came into being with much controversy in the beginning and later made it better for the competitors or they failed and went away. 

Here it is another year gone by and the January issue of Ropers Sports News is again going to press as we start our 48th year in reporting the happenings in the roping, barrel racing and rodeo world. It has been fun and with the great staff continues to be fun. We look forward to keeping you informed again this year and to get the word out by advertising your events and products. Thanks to all who have been loyal subscribers and advertisers over the many years. 

The Wrangler National Finals will once again showcase the top 15 in the PRCA in the great city of Las Vegas. This year brings many new things to light at the Finals and the most noticeable is the payoff, which has risen from a total figure of $6,375,000 to $8,800,000. This is the first year of the new payout and it will be affecting the year-end dollars of all the contestants. This has been a long time coming and my Resistol Hat’s off to all of those involved in getting this increase.